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Melissa Tuckey, Naomi Nye, David Baker, Yusef Komunyakaa, Samiya Bashir, Elise Paschen, Ailish Hopper, Laren McClung, Brenda Hillman, Craig Perez, Honorée Jeffers, Jamaal May, Jane Mead, Mary Morris, Danez Smith, Jan Beatty, Fady Joudah, Margaret Noodin, Lilace Guignard, Sarah Browning, Evie Shockley, Joan Kane, Tim Seibles, Eleanor Wilner, Tiffany Higgins, Javier Zamora, Truth Thomas, Stephen Partington, Angélica Freitas, Kathy Engel, LeConté Dill, Diana Sudyka, John Shoptaw, Vidyan Ravinthiran, Myra Sklarew

Susannah Bielak, "Ventifact: Breath Drawing (detail)," 2013

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