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    Czeslaw Milosz’s Luminous Things

Poetry Off the Shelf: Seeing Things
Czeslaw Milosz’s Luminous Things

Friday, January 21st, 6:00 PM

Fullerton Hall
Art Institute of Chicago
111 South Michigan Avenue
Free admission

Nobelist Czeslaw Milosz’s classic anthology, A Book of Luminous Things, serves as a source for celebrating poems about “things” by a diverse range of writers, from ancient Chinese sages to 20th-century American poet William Carlos Williams. Live music by Yang Wei complements the images and poems.

Beautiful and very young are Philo-Sophia
And poetry, her ally in the service of the good.
As late as yesterday Nature celebrated their birth,
The news was brought to the mountains by a unicorn and
   an echo.
Their friendship will be glorious, their time has no limit.
Their enemies have delivered themselves to destruction.
    —From “Incantation,” by Czeslaw Milosz,
       translated by Milosz and Robert Pinsky


Co-sponsored with the Art Institute of Chicago

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  • Detail, photograph by Jun Fujita, circa 1930s, courtesy of the Graham and Pamela Lee private collection.
    Current Exhibition
    Jan 12, 2017 – May 26, 2017

    This exhibition presents photographs and ephemera from the poet Jun Fujita (1888-1963). Fujita is an English-language tanka poet who published regularly in Poetry during the 1920s. The first Japanese-American photojournalist, he is responsible for the most famous photos of the Eastland disaster, the Chicago race riots of 1919, and the St. Valentine’s Day massacre, among others. This show will explore his lesser-known landscapes.