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Poetry Off the Shelf: Attack of the Difficult Poems

Sunday, November 13th, 1:00 PM

Poetry Foundation, 61 West Superior Street
Tickets sold out

More Information: 312.494.9509 or www.chicagohumanities.org.

Poet Charles Bernstein’s latest collection of essays, Attack of the Difficult Poems, gathers some of his most memorable and irreverent work as well as laments the task of the language maker and the fate of invention. In a career spanning 35 years and 40 books, Bernstein has provoked us with writing that straddles the tensions between ordinary and poetic language, and between everyday life and its adversaries. In 1995, Bernstein co-founded the Electronic Poetry Center, one of the earliest and most sophisticated models for digital poetry resources on the web. He is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and co-founder and co-editor of PENNsound, an extensive archive of recorded poetry. As Bernstein says in an interview with Bradford Senning: “I want to engage the materials of the culture, derange them as they have deranged me, sound them out, as they sound me out.” This program will touch on poetry and technology as well as feature Bernstein reading his work.

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