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Verse, Stripped: Talk by Matt Madden

Image: Bianca Stone, “Les Miserables”

Wednesday, August 1st, 7:00 PM

Poetry Foundation
61 West Superior Street
Free reservations

Comics artist and illustrator Matt Madden will illuminate the Poetry Foundation gallery's Verse, Stripped: A Poetry Comics Exhibition, offering a survey of the points of connection between comics and poetry over the last 50 years. That interaction can be found with poets Kenneth Koch and Ted Berrigan's engagement with comics (often in collaboration with Joe Brainard) and carries on with cartoonists who adapt works of poetry and poets who also make comics, notably Gary Sullivan. Madden will also discuss the influence of Oulipo and Oubapo (of which he is a member) and show examples of cartoonists who appropriate poetic fixed forms like the sonnet or the sestina to make comics.

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