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Begin in delight, end in wisdom.

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Prose from Poetry Magazine
By Kate Dwyer

The poetry of the freelance life.

  • Prose from Poetry Magazine
    By Morrigan McCarthy

    Viewing poems through a journalist’s lens.

  • Prose from Poetry Magazine
    By Seamus Murphy

    An observational photographer observes poetry.

  • Prose from Poetry Magazine
    By Margo Price

    On writing songs—and singing poems.

  • Poem Sampler
    By Benjamin Voigt

    The unofficial poet laureate of the working class.

Prose by Poets
Poem Guides
Harriet Blog
By Jill Magi

This summer into early fall I received three gifts: a chapbook from Eléna Rivera, a chapbook from Brenda Iijima, and an anthology edited by Lisa Samuels and Sawako Nakayasu.
I am grateful not just for these, but for all the comp...

Recent Interviews
  • Photograph of Marcus Wicker leaning against a graffiti wall.
    By Kathleen Rooney

    Marcus Wicker on comedy, Wu-Tang, and all that influences his poetry.

  • Image of the poet Margarita Engle.
    By Stacey Lynn Brown

    Margarita Engle, the new Young People’s Poet Laureate, found her home in books.

  • Image of the poet Patricia Smith.
    By Kyla Marshell

    Patricia Smith on form, fathers, and the voice you don’t hear.

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