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Begin in delight, end in wisdom.

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Prose from Poetry Magazine
By Shane Neilson

Sylvia Legris’s The Hideous Hidden, Molly Peacock’s The Analyst, and Jordan Abel’s Injun.

  • Prose from Poetry Magazine
    By Jim Johnstone

    A rallying cry from the vanguard.

  • Article for Students
    By Rebecca Hazelton

    How not getting to do everything leads to doing what you want.

  • Essay
    By Kathleen Rooney

    The enduring charms of a crowd-sourced kids’ anthology.

  • Essay
    By Kyla Marshell

    A BBQ signboard becomes an unlikely booster for poetry.

Prose by Poets
Poem Guides
Harriet Blog
By Sueyeun Juliette Lee

1. How It Opens Inside
I am especially magnetized to works that hold and reflect light emotionally. I’m particularly moved by Michele Kishita’s paintings, the way they gesture to landscapes and sky-fields as they open inside me.
Michele’s 2016 exhibition, Transient Season,...

  • By Sueyeun Juliette Lee

    1. I announce with a cry: Oh, to speak the light As light speaks into us, what do we say back into it. I have...

  • By Vincent Katz

    I am surrounded by books and anthologies of poetry. They give solace in dark times, fire up emboldened resistance, and provide delight in musical...

  • By Vincent Katz

    I can’t quite remember what brought up William Blake, or the poem known as “Jerusalem.” But suddenly, I was brought back to the Hubert...

  • By Vincent Katz

    Last week, poets, publishers, and friends gathered at the Poetry Project in New York City to pay tribute to Joanne Kyger, who passed this...

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