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What is a Young People’s Poet Laureate?

Awarded by the Poetry Foundation for a two-year tenure, the young people’s poet laureate aims to raise awareness that young people have a natural receptivity to poetry and are its most appreciative audience, especially when poems are written specifically for them.

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  • Book Pick
    By Peter Kahn, Ravi Shankar, Patricia Smith
    University of Arkansas Press, Jan 15, 2017

    To celebrate National Poetry Month, I want to return to one of my favorite poets, Gwendolyn Brooks. The Golden Shovel Anthology pays tribute to Brooks through an innovative new poetic form and includes a foreword by National Book Award-winning poet and creator of that form, Terrance Hayes. I’ve been treating myself to one of its poems every day. And with more than 300 writers contributing to the anthology—from Rita Williams Garcia to Aracelis Girmay, and from to Julia Alvarez to Molly Peacock—there is something in this book for everyone, no matter your age or interests.

  • National Poetry Month would feel incomplete without the voices of our spoken word artists! This month, I’m presenting a video of Amanda Gorman performing her poem, “Neighborhood Anthem.” Amanda was the Los Angeles Youth Poet Laureate in 2014/15—She’s an amazing poet and powerful teller of stories.

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    The First Lady honored the 2015 class of the National Student Poets Program (NSPP), the nation’s highest honor for youth poets. This award celebrates the exceptional creativity, dedication to craft, and promise of this generation of leaders.

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