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  • poem
    By Gail Mazur

    The game of baseball is not a metaphor    and I know it’s not really life.    The chalky green diamond, the lovely    dusty brown...

  • poem
    By Franklin Pierce Adams

    The burden of hard hitting. Slug away       Like Honus Wagner or like Tyrus Cobb. Else fandom shouteth: “Who said you...

  • poem
    By May Swenson

    It’s about                    Ball fits the ball,                      mitt,...

  • poem
    By Tom Clark

    Every day I peruse the box scores for hours    Sometimes I wonder why I do it Since I am not going...

  • poem
    By Peter Balakian

    All summer the patio drifted in and out of light the color of margarine; days were blue, not always sky blue. At...

  • poem
    By J. Patrick Lewis

    The year was 1974 When Little Leaguers learned the score. President Ford took out his pen, And signed a law that said from...

  • poem
    By Felix N. Stefanile
  • poem
    By Bruce Smith

    Pinetar, a sluice of tobacco, sunflower seeds and juju. Lena Blackburne Rubbing Mud, gum, the glues and salves for doing things fairly—one...

  • poem
    By Baron Wormser
  • poem
    By Oliver Evans
  • poem
    By Jack Hirschman
  • poem
    By Carole Oles
  • Essay
    By Levi Stahl
    Grand slam poetry: our twin national pastimes.

    I, too, throw it: Marianne Moore tossing out the first ball, opening day at Yankee Stadium. Photo: Bob Olen,...

  • Poem Sampler
    By The Editors
    Poems to celebrate the national pastime.

    Players Famous and Infamous From Casey of Mudville to girls charging the little league field. “Casey at the Bat” by Ernest Lawrence...

  • Comment
    By Michael Benedikt
  • author

    Tom Clark has combined the diverse roles of poet, biographer, novelist, dramatist, reviewer, and sportswriter during his writing career. In...

  • author

    Donald Hall is considered one of the major American poets of his generation. His poetry explores the longing for a...

  • author

    Born in Waterloo, Iowa, poet and choreographer Harmony Holiday is the daughter of Northern Soul singer/songwriter Jimmy Holiday. Her father...

  • author

    One of American literature’s foremost poets, Marianne Moore’s poetry is characterized by linguistic precision, keen and probing descriptions, and acute...

  • author

    Quincy Troupe was born in 1939 in St. Louis, Missouri, the son of baseball player in the Negro baseball leagues....

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