The Rain Poured Down

By Dan Gerber b. 1940 Dan Gerber
My mother weeping
in the dark hallway, in the arms of a man,
not my father,
as I sat at the top of the stairs unnoticed—
my mother weeping and pleading for what I didn't know
then and can still only imagine—
for things to be somehow other than they were,
not knowing what I would change,
for, or to, or why,
only that my mother was weeping
in the arms of a man not me,
and the rain brought down the winter sky
and hid me in the walls that looked on,
indifferent to my mother's weeping,
or mine,
in the rain that brought down the dark afternoon.

Dan Gerber's most recent book is Trying to Catch the Horses (Michigan State University Press, 1999). "The Rain Poured Down" copyright © 2005 by Dan Gerber and reprinted by permission of the author.

Source: (Copper Canyon Press, 2005)

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Poet Dan Gerber b. 1940


Subjects Home Life, Relationships, Living, Death

Poetic Terms Free Verse, Refrain


Dan Gerber is the author of Sailing through Cassiopeia (2012) and A Primer on Parallel Lives (2007). He lives in the mountains of Central California.

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Poem Categorization

SUBJECT Home Life, Relationships, Living, Death


Poetic Terms Free Verse, Refrain

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