Andrew Faris, "Rebound," 2015

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  1. Juno Gemes
    Featured poem
    By Amanda Joy

    How slow an approach when viewed from a distance. How more likely the encounter if the ground is clear A voice saying always...

  2. Juno Gemes
    Featured poem
    By Gig Ryan

    Emotion scoops the footpath’s velvet edges, estate agents’ bluster calibrates the street’s livability, treeless, ajar with fridges bunked out. Investors wave sheets of sums...

  3. Featured poem
    By Claire Potter

    Northern hemisphere   it’s almost Christmas. Sunlight   withdrawing into its darkest shell of green coils   ring by ring   like a yellow snake   in a tight burrow. The...

  4. Juno Gemes

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Editors' Blog
By Lindsay Garbutt
Thursday, May 26, 2016

“I have a theory that Australian poetry renews itself with every generation,” wrote John Tranter in Poetry, nearly a generation ago. Tranter’s “Australian Poetry 1940–1980:...

The Poetry Magazine Podcast

The editors go inside the pages of Poetry, talking to poets and critics, debating the issues, and sharing their poem selections with listeners.

The May 2016 issue of Poetry is devoted entirely to Australian poets. The editors discuss new poems by Ali Cobby Eckermann, Jaya Savige, Lionel G. Fogarty, and Anthony Lawrence.

Discussion Guide
Notes from Australia in the May 2016 Poetry


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