Little Elegy

By Elinor Wylie 1885–1928 Elinor Wylie
Withouten you
No rose can grow;
No leaf be green
If never seen
Your sweetest face;
No bird have grace
Or power to sing;
Or anything
Be kind, or fair,
And you nowhere.

Elinor Wylie, “Little Elegy” from Selected Works of Elinor Wylie, edited by Evelyn Helmick Hively. Used with the permission of The Kent State University Press,

Source: Selected Works of Elinor Wylie (Kent State University Press, 2005)

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Poet Elinor Wylie 1885–1928


Subjects Living, Sorrow & Grieving, Death

Occasions Funerals, Farewells & Good Luck

Poetic Terms Elegy, Couplet

 Elinor  Wylie


Extravagantly praised in her lifetime, the poet and novelist Elinor Wylie suffered a posthumous reversal in her reputation but has experienced something of a revival of interest among feminist critics since the 1980s.

Wylie was born in Somerville, New Jersey to a socially prominent family, and grew up in Rosemont, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. As the daughter of a lawyer who later became solicitor general of the United . . .

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Poem Categorization

SUBJECT Living, Sorrow & Grieving, Death


Poetic Terms Elegy, Couplet

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