Port of Aerial Embarkation

By John Ciardi 1916–1986 John Ciardi
There is no widening distance at the shore—   
The sea revolving slowly from the piers—
But the one border of our take-off roar   
And we are mounted on the hemispheres.

Above the waning moon whose almanac   
We wait to finish continents away,   
The Northern stars already call us back,   
And silence folds like maps on all we say.

Under the sky, a stadium tensed to cry
The ringside savage thrumming of the fights,   
We watch our engines, taut and trained for sky,   
Arranged on fields of concrete flowered with lights.

Day after day we fondle and repeat
A jeweler’s adjustment on a screw;
Or wander past the bulletins to meet
And wander back to watch the sky be blue.

Somehow we see ourselves in photographs   
Held in our hands to show us back our pride   
When, aging, we recall in epitaphs
The faces just behind and to each side.

The nights keep perfect silence. In the dark   
You feel the faces soften into sleep,
Or tense upon the fraught and falling arc   
Of fear a boy had buried not too deep.

Finally we stand by and consciously   
Measure the double sense of all our talk,   
And, everyman his dramatist, anxiously   
Corrects his role, his gesture, and his walk.

John Ciardi, “Port of Aerial Embarkation” from Other Skies (Boston: Atlantic Monthly Press, 1947). Used with the permission of the Ciardi Family Publishing Trust.

Source: The Collected Poems of John Ciardi (University of Arkansas Press, 1997)

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Poet John Ciardi 1916–1986

Subjects War & Conflict, Heroes & Patriotism, Living, Coming of Age, Social Commentaries

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 John  Ciardi


To millions of Americans, the late John Ciardi was "Mr. Poet, the one who has written, talked, taught, edited, translated, anthologized, criticized, and propelled poetry into a popular, lively art," according to Peter Comer of the Chicago Tribune. Although recognized primarily as a poet and critic, Ciardi's literary endeavors encompassed a vast range of material. From juvenile nonsense poetry to scholarly verse translations, . . .

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SUBJECT War & Conflict, Heroes & Patriotism, Living, Coming of Age, Social Commentaries

Poetic Terms Rhymed Stanza

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