Canicule Macaronique

By John Fuller b. 1937 John Fuller

Heureux ceux qui ont la clim—Corse-Matin (6.8.94)

Heureux ceux qui ont la clim
Pendant la grande canicule.
Heureux those whose culs are cool.   
Heureuse her and heureux him.

C’est la canicule qui hurle,
Ready to tear you limb from limb.   
Heureux ceux qui ont la clim,   
Cri-criant: ‘O turlútuturle!’

La situation est grim,
The mise-en-scène a trifle burle.
À chaleur disons donc: ‘Ta gueule!’
And keep ourselves amused and slim.

Heureux qui par terre se roule:   
Lucky Luke and Lucky Jim,   
Edith Piaf, Tiger Tim,
Et le plus divin Poupoule.

Heureux Toccate, heureux Hymne,   
Heureux Mouvements Perpetuels,   
Heureuses Les Bîches immortelles,   
De tristesse sexuelle synonyme.

Je ne regrette rien. I’m full
Of love as are the seraphim,
And plein de bonheur to the brim,   
Pendant cette grande canicule.

La vie has satisfying sym:
For every lui there lives an elle.   
Finding its level in her well,
La source sauvage is in the swim.

Ni ouragan ni canicule,
Ni pretexte prompte ou assez flim,   
Can keep le coeur from feeling imm,   
Allègre in the planet’s pull.

Let’s fly together in a bim,
Au-dessus de la fou-foule
Qui mange ses menus et ses moules,   
Impregné de sueur, et prim!

For always I’ll have you, and you’ll   
Have me, and though desire grows dim,   
Heureux ceux qui ont la quim,
Heureuses celles qui ont le tool.

Forever through the sky will skim   
Le pé-pédalo de Dédale,
Escaladant sans escale
The blue horizon’s endless rim.

En pénitence, le tournesol   
Beguiné, poudreuz, anonyme,   
Turns and turns, and at a whim   
Sonne, en sol, son son du sol.

From Chatellerault to Arles and Nîmes   
Le visage bronze du tournesol   
S’incline comme un pa-parasol   
Trouve une épaule coquette, intime.

Devisé dans le banderole:
‘Heureux ceux qui ont la clim.’
Across the fields the notes are dim:   
Son sol, son sol, son sol, son sol.

John Fuller, “Canicule Macaronique” from Collected Poems, published by Chatto & Windus. Used by permission of The Random House Group Limited,

Source: Collected Poems (1996)

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Poet John Fuller b. 1937


Subjects Love, Relationships, Desire

Poetic Terms Rhymed Stanza

 John  Fuller


A prolific poet, novelist, children’s writer, critic, and editor, John Fuller has written or edited nearly 50 books, including more than a dozen collections of poetry. Fuller was born in Kent, England, and his father was the poet Roy Fuller. John Fuller was mentored by W.H. Auden and also influenced by Eliot, Graves, and Stevens. His poetry displays a virtuosic ease within the constraints of formal, metered verse; it is a poetry . . .

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Poem Categorization

SUBJECT Love, Relationships, Desire


Poetic Terms Rhymed Stanza

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