To a Young Writer

By Yvor Winters 1900–1968 Yvor Winters

Achilles Holt, Stanford, 1930

Here for a few short years
Strengthen affections; meet,
Later, the dull arrears
Of age, and be discreet.

The angry blood burns low.
Some friend of lesser mind
Discerns you not; but so
Your solitude’s defined.

Write little; do it well.
Your knowledge will be such,
At last, as to dispel
What moves you overmuch.

Yvor Winters, “To a Young Writer” from The Selected Poems of Yvor Winters, edited by R. L. Barth. Used by permission of Ohio University Press, Athens, Ohio.

Source: The Coll (1960)

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Poet Yvor Winters 1900–1968

Subjects School & Learning, Arts & Sciences, Activities, Poetry & Poets

Occasions Graduation

Poetic Terms Rhymed Stanza

 Yvor  Winters


Allen Tate once commented on Yvor Winters the poet thus: "If he has been neglected—when he has not been ignored—the reasons are not hard to find. He has conducted a poetic revolution all his own that owes little or nothing to the earlier revolution of Pound and Eliot, and that goes back to certain great, likewise neglected Tudor poets for metrical and stylistic models." Winters commented to Contemporary Authors: "Tate is wrong . . .

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SUBJECT School & Learning, Arts & Sciences, Activities, Poetry & Poets

Poetic Terms Rhymed Stanza

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