By Janet Loxley Lewis 1899–1998
Swift and subtle   
The flying shuttle   
Crosses the web   
And fills the loom,   
Leaving for range   
Of choice or change   
No room, no room.

Janet Lewis, “Days” from Selected Poems of Janet Lewis. Used with the permission of Swallow Press/Ohio University Press, Athens, Ohio,

Source: The Selected Poems of Janet Lewis (Ohio University Press, 2000)

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Poet Janet Loxley Lewis 1899–1998

Subjects Living, Time & Brevity

 Janet Loxley Lewis


"Being a writer has meant nearly everything to me beyond my marriage and children," says Janet Lewis in Women Writers of the West Coast: Speaking of Their Lives and Careers. Lewis, whose father and husband both taught college-level English, credits her father "with being the first to teach her the rudiments of good prose and poetic style," according to Donald E. Stanford in the Dictionary of Literary Biography Yearbook. "[Her] . . .

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SUBJECT Living, Time & Brevity

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