Early Morning Prompts for Evening Takes Or, Roll ’em!

By Rodrigo Toscano Rodrigo Toscano
Like being reassigned to a case being made—to win?

            for a world
            to contest?

Or, self glutting the market of experience—

            am am, a
            did this that—
            as “voice” script?

Or, reining in the thrusting impulse that’d burst—out!
            and into. . .
            timed pattern
            a male’s—“mine?”

Or, a hyper-local cultural thing—to do—

            conscious stance
            between friends
            strung along?

Or, some gnawing negation—impelling all this?

            din’ wanna
            (really did)
            am “writing?”

Or, being dispatched to a cramped corner of the vast. . .


Or, alibis for (if not from) the near Black Out—

            vital signs
            or dissent?

Or, The National—reifying itself—can read?

            as “progress”?

Or, a once-elitist practice—popularized—

            aimless youth
            called forth—I
            came (aimed at?)

Or, recombinant ruses of power—“allure”—

            who writes who
            here—and how

Or, Capital’s quandaries of identity—

            the stakes—now
            lowered? raised?

Or, malingering with History’s inducements—

            we won’t be
            though are—need?

Or, a schedule of vanguardist—occupations—

            vacuum left
            by the left
            to fill out?

Or, the Nors that can’t be stated (just yet) can—mean?

            forming trends
            at the base

Or, wouldn’t non-pop perspectives be also writ?

            bumps and grinds
            to report?

Or, logging on to a collectivizing—chance?

            bodies here
            plunked down—will
            plunk up. . . toward?

Or, newly glozed invectives—to desublimate?

            old belles lettres
            downplays gain?

Or, the pervasive liberinage of Genres—

            which clothes which
            strips which—for

Or, a progressivist (scientistic)—complex?

            the grounds (props

Or, an overdue reunion with precedence—

            to just flake
            kept in check?

Or, why did you come—to hear something you don’t know?

            sorting terms—
            assigned to?

Or, a realization of what’s yet unrealized—

            postscript or
            to praxis?

Rodrigo Toscano, “Early Morning Prompts of Evening Takes Or, Roll ’em!” from Platform. Copyright © 2003 by Rodrigo Toscano.  Reprinted by permission of Atelos.

Source: Platform (Atelos, 2003)

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Poet Rodrigo Toscano

POET’S REGION U.S., Mid-Atlantic

Subjects Arts & Sciences, Philosophy, Poetry & Poets, Social Commentaries, History & Politics

 Rodrigo  Toscano


Raised in southern California, experimental poet, playwright, and labor activist Rodrigo Toscano's experimental work often takes the form of conversation and physical movement that interrogates, and crosses, borders: the border between poetic and political action, between the made thing and its making, between speech and theater, between languages, between social change and its provocation. In a 2005 interview with poet Leonard . . .

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SUBJECT Arts & Sciences, Philosophy, Poetry & Poets, Social Commentaries, History & Politics

POET’S REGION U.S., Mid-Atlantic

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