Once Again, I've Missed Lamb-Chop's “Play-Along”

By Sotère Torregian Sotere Torregian

for Shari Lewis (1934-1998)

Once again, I've missed Lamb Chop's Play-Along
Which, as it is, isn't
broadcast in Papiamento, myself being the Centurion
of the English where I am

Aha! The Brook, Cherith running by here meaning
the while I can “compare notes” with Elijah
(Without a Jezebel to spook him!)
Although admittedly
in the movie Betty Davis is a winnter, ever quite
without a struggle
           Especially in the Waltz sequence

Which continues to reverberate in my head. So that I ask

“Is it, I, then, that am “The Revenant?

This McTalk
with its “scrolling windows”
can never answer. But just now, could use

A bit of that compote of “stewed pears

          With cinnamon”

The discalced
                    Carmelite Sisters
fed San Juan De La Cruz
thus, nursing and resusciating him back
                                           to “health”
Which is, in itself, at best
         —a provisional state!

Other than that,
          “IT's the most
Wonderful Time Of The Year! “So goes
the theme song Andy Williams 'Seasons' Greetings
TV Special, which makes me exceedingly
nostalgic for I know not what

Not too “christmasy” for the
Chechnians at the moment. I know

“People” are looking
for the excitement of the Moulin Rouge
                     Or a “Go-at
         the Slopes!

**-But   just a sighting

                      Of your red
hair would
          be “enough” for me       —If, that is

There ever could be enough in that.

                     “golden lamps hanging in
a Green Night”

Juba this and that     in your lithe thighs

On this occasion
         Scattered automatic weaponry—
fire in the distance: “Welcome to
                     Redwood City”, etc.

                                                Redwood City, Calif.

Sotere Torregian, "Once Again, I’ve Missed Lamb-Chop’s “Play Along”" from “I Must Go” (She Said) “Because My Pizza’s Cold”. Copyright © 2002 by Sotere Torregian.  Reprinted by permission of Skanky Possum.

Source: “I Must Go” (She Said) “Because My Pizza’s Cold” (Skanky Possum, 2002)

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Poet Sotère Torregian


SCHOOL / PERIOD New York School (2nd Generation)

Subjects Social Commentaries, Popular Culture

 Sotère  Torregian


Sotère Torregian is an American poet, born in Newark, New Jersey on June 25, 1941. He attended Rutgers University, and taught briefly at the Free University of New York and Stanford University, where he helped establish the Afro-American studies program in 1969. In the mid-1960s he was associated with the New York School of poets. At that time he proposed a kind of American “orthodox Surrealism” (following the dictates of André . . .

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Poem Categorization

SUBJECT Social Commentaries, Popular Culture


SCHOOL / PERIOD New York School (2nd Generation)

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