Drinking under the Moon She Goes Laughing:

By Margo Tamez b. 1962 Margo Tamez
When the end was near
He threatened   hands trembling
There is no end    never    his hands reaching to my face
You can’t leave   taking off his shirt   going for his pants
The trickle of sweat beading off his nose

Moon-orb spray   metallic shimmer     slicklove
Tripping numb night shadows
Crows perched on a streetlight

We’re terrestrial ants living in fragility
On Huhugam sacred ground
Jar of our dead

Like ragged cats my ghosts and I
Gossip in the alley behind a bar
My eyes grasp theirs     a spark     revolution
Feet without tracks on gravel

Our existence erased   far off
From clinking beer bottles and vanity

On the bench outside a bookstore
We get erased    see the news of the street
Resistance getting milled

My favorite ghosts and I bear down harder    birth ourselves

On the bench outside a bookstore
Frigid wind wants to snatch our secrets
Hey nay ya na ya na ya na
I thank you thank you for your presence
My ghosts   I thank you for your presence
Hey nay ya na   ya na   ya na  ya na
This dilemma  oh ancestors
O! ancestors !!!!   I thank you  thank you  thank you
Hey nay ya na ya na ya na ya na

I’m still the Lipan Jumano land-grant mongrel
Nobody sees   nobody recognizes   an invisibility
Scudding through all the checkpoints
Border towns  train tracks  pesticide flybys   welfare lines

Wings shifting shape
Scorpion’s venom injects me for the night

Green light spasms in the click click delete cut past
fucking do something  do something different

An orgasm of light at the slippery edge
One good time to die
And live spreading like osmosis

Tripping grandmother rabbit on the moon
Always with that sorrowful look on her face
Make the medicine
Be artistic
Do what is necessary

Margo Tamez, “Drinking under the Moon She Goes Laughing” from Raven Eye. Copyright © 2007 by Margo Tamez. Reprinted by permission of University of Arizona Press.

Source: Raven Eye (University of Arizona Press, 2007)

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Poet Margo Tamez b. 1962

POET’S REGION U.S., Southwestern

Subjects Living, Death, Relationships, Family & Ancestors


Of Lipan Apache, Jumano Apache, and Spanish heritage, Margo Tamez was born in Austin, Texas, and grew up in San Antonio. A teacher and activist, Tamez earned an MFA in creative writing from Arizona State University in 1997. Her collections of poetry include Alleys and Allies (1992), Naked Wanting (2003), and Raven Eye (2007).
Tamez’s poetry is informed by an awareness of the culture of indigenous people, social inequities, . . .

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Poem Categorization

SUBJECT Living, Death, Relationships, Family & Ancestors

POET’S REGION U.S., Southwestern

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