[in the general conservative cast . . .]

By kari edwards 1954–2006 kari edwards

   in the general conservative cast, overcome by lack of suicidal tendencies, in the worried beyond reason shaking dense under-growth invasion of deliberately callous vertebrates, hotheaded newagers paint possible minds dirtier than can be produced in a real whereabouts nonlocation location, crumbling in darkness.

   a breath away from my next instant self, knowing lies will flow from my lips as well as the rest; a creative fallacy to create that which we think we know, with a thousand pens ready to suggest what one should do.

   reminding myself, all ends with what effects it will have.

   reminding myself, all ends with what can be named and financed, so why not let my bones be picked by the ants.

   reminding myself, I would do anything to not remember who I resemble, I would do anything to not resemble who I resemble, to not resemble the resembled.

   reminding myself, I would do anything to not belong to a future human potential workshop, supported by a cast of thousands begging for all things mundane sanity brings, in general overcome by lack of suicidal tendencies.

kari edwards, “[in the general conservative cast . . .]” from Bharat jiva. Copyright © 2009 by kari edwards. Reprinted by permission of Litmus Press.

Source: Bharat jiva (Litmus Press, 2009)

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Poet kari edwards 1954–2006


Subjects Social Commentaries

Poetic Terms Prose Poem


Active as an artist and a gender activist, kari edwards is the author of post/(pink) (2000), a diary of lies (2002), a day in the life of p (2002), iduna (2003), obedience (2005), and the posthumous Bharat jiva (2009). She received a New Langton Arts Bay Area Award in literature in 2002 and the Small Press Traffic’s book of the year award in 2004.  
edwards resists the idea of gender roles and conventional genre divisions; a . . .

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SUBJECT Social Commentaries


Poetic Terms Prose Poem

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