Endless Summer

By Nate Pritts b. 1974 Nate Pritts
. . .
It was the summer I fucked up    the summer    fucked up   me
fucked up   a fuck-up in the summer   & I spent time laying under stars
too much   time I wasted  the stars  you lied to me under the stars
& the summer was endless   the summer endless   it was an endless summer
. . .
. . .
endless   & I said things like   “If I ever see you again”
but   I’ll never see you again   I never saw you again   I made sure of that
& I circled   the lake   I went in circles    the lake was endless   it was
summer   I fucked up   too much time & I never saw   you again   & I
. . .
. . .
circled & it was   endless & the stars    lied to me   the summer
light   moving so slowly   I saw the summer light move   endless
& when I see you   the trees will cluster   green rage green   trees raging
with love   endless love & I’ll never see you   again   I made sure of that
. . .
. . .
wasted under the stars   the slow summer   light   the endless fuck-up
& you never again   you lovely   you summer you   everything that is now
never again   whatever that may be   the rage I loved   me under the stars
then & now   endless   wasting away me   haze wandering around endless
. . .
. . .
haze  it was endless  too much time & you   lied to me & I    said things like
I can’t describe the air on my skin can you   can you please   I know it was
important & the light from stars   moved   so slowly   & you   moved off
forever   how can you save everything   everything   important   endless
. . .
. . .
summer light   the fuck-up   the lake a circle   circling   the lake
how can you save everything   how can I   answer you the light of summer
stars I’m sorry  for my light   the endlessness of my endless & my   fuck-up
the me that is   now   looking back & thinking   & this summer circling
. . .

Nate Pritts, "Endless Summer" from The Wonderfull Yeare (a shepherd’s calendar). Copyright © 2009 by Nate Pritts.  Reprinted by permission of Cooper Dillon Books. www.cooperdillon.com

Source: The Wonderfull Yeare (a shepherd’s calendar) (Cooper Dillon Books, 2009)

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Poet Nate Pritts b. 1974

POET’S REGION U.S., New England

Subjects Living, Coming of Age, Disappointment & Failure, Relationships, Love, Nature, Summer, Break-ups & Vexed Love, Realistic & Complicated

 Nate  Pritts


Founder and editor of H_NGM_N literary journal and H_NGM_N BKS, Nate Pritts was born in Syracuse, New York. He earned an MFA from Warren Wilson College in 2000 and a PhD in creative writing and British Romanticism from the University of Louisiana, Lafayette, in 2003. His full-length collections of poetry include Sensational Spectacular (2007), Honorary Astronaut (2008), and The Wonderfull Yeare: a shepherd’s calendar (2010), Big . . .

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Poem Categorization

SUBJECT Living, Coming of Age, Disappointment & Failure, Relationships, Love, Nature, Summer, Break-ups & Vexed Love, Realistic & Complicated

POET’S REGION U.S., New England

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