[Exordium: ‘In what way names’]

By Myung Mi Kim b. 1957
In what way names were applied to things. Filtration. Not every word that has been applied, still exists. Through proliferation and differentiation. Airborn. Here, this speck and this speck you missed.

Numbers in cell division. Spheres of doubt. The paradigm’s stitchery of unrelated points. What escapes like so much cotton batting. The building, rather, in flames. Does flight happen in an order.

Dates to impugn and divluge. The laws were written on twelve tablets of bronze which were fastened to the rostra. Trembling hold. Manner of variation and shift. Vacillation hung by tactile and auditory cues.

Myung Mi Kim, "[Exordium: ‘In what way names’]" from Commons. Copyright © 2002 by the Regents of the University of California.  Reprinted by permission of University of California Press.

Source: Commons (University of California Press, 2002)

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Poet Myung Mi Kim b. 1957

POET’S REGION U.S., New England

Subjects Arts & Sciences, Philosophy, Reading & Books, Social Commentaries, History & Politics

Poetic Terms Prose Poem

 Myung Mi Kim


Myung Mi Kim was born in Seoul, Korea. She immigrated with her family to the United States at the age of nine and was raised in the Midwest. She earned a BA from Oberlin College, an MA from The Johns Hopkins University, and an MFA from the University of Iowa. Her collection of poems Under Flag (1991) won the Multicultural Publishers Exchange Award of Merit; subsequent collections include The Bounty (1996), DURA (1999), Commons . . .

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Poem Categorization

SUBJECT Arts & Sciences, Philosophy, Reading & Books, Social Commentaries, History & Politics

POET’S REGION U.S., New England

Poetic Terms Prose Poem

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