Open the Gates

By Anonymous Anonymous

Translated By Israel Zangwill

Open the gates—the gates of the Temple,
Swift to Thy sons, who Thy truths have displayed.

Open the gates—the gates that are hidden,
Swift to Thy sons, who Thy Law have obeyed.

Open the gates—of the coveted Temple,
Swift to Thy sons who confess and seek grace.

Open the gates—of the armies celestial,
Swift to Thy sons, Judah’s tearful-eyed race.

Open the gates—the radiant portals,
Swift to Thy sons who are lovely and pure.

Open the gates—of the crown of fidelity,
Swift to Thy sons who in God rest secure.

NOTES: From the Neilah service for Yom Kippur

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Poet Anonymous

Subjects Religion, Faith & Doubt, Judaism

Holidays Yom Kippur

Poetic Terms Couplet

Poem Categorization

SUBJECT Religion, Faith & Doubt, Judaism

Poetic Terms Couplet

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