Have A Good One [Just wasted]

By Anselm Berrigan b. 1972 Anselm Berrigan
Just wasted
                    and taking it.
       In life
              I rally
                Effort is what we
              breach. And
                Honed limits
                  do you require
                       ruthlessness or subtlety?
                                          The # for that delivery service
                                                               I could find. My
                                                                    instinct is to agree
                                                               with the collective.
                                                                        I’ll flip over
                                                              their indoor/outdoor
                                                        reversible rug.
                                                                But my feelings
                                                                    & their representatives
                                                                  the passing sacrosanct
                                                                  mob cuddle
                                                           stirring expedience
                                are mine. Gradations
                                                      of default tenor.
                                                   Anything but more instinct.
                                                     A proxy of determination
                                                 in a cosmic discharge salon
                                            speaking freely of cost’s
                                   elephantine deployable
                           former charm.
                                I’m micromanaging nausea.
                                       The dishes are twilighting.
                                            The dairy scythe elevatrix
                                                             skins my shining
                                                        teleprompted sporkdom.
                                                      As poor specimens
                                                                       go, the trail left
                                                                inhabitable trails.
                                                           Arkanoid as meditative
                                         space, if we travel by
                             dragonfly. I cling
                         to thy moving perimeter.
                  I want payment
                         for all instances
                             of being caught
                             on camera. We
                                      all should.
                             assured destruction
                                  overdosed on civility
                                    by comparison.
                                         Babywiping lead paint
                                          dust from my soles.
                                                I’ll read entrails
                                          for omens, action
                                                                figure entrails.

Anselm Berrigan, "Have a Good One" from Free Cell, City Lights Spotlight No. 2. Copyright © 2009 by Anselm Berrigan.  Reprinted by permission of City Lights Books.

Source: Free Cell (City Lights Books, 2009)

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Poet Anselm Berrigan b. 1972

POET’S REGION U.S., Mid-Atlantic

Subjects Arts & Sciences, Language & Linguistics, Social Commentaries

Poetic Terms Free Verse

 Anselm  Berrigan


The son of poets Alice Notley and the late Ted Berrigan and stepson of poet Douglas Oliver, Anselm Berrigan earned a BA from SUNY Buffalo and an MFA from Brooklyn College. His collections of poetry include Integrity & Dramatic Life (1999), Zero Star Hotel (2002), Some Notes on My Programming (2006), and Free Cell (2009). He coedited The Collected Poems of Ted Berrigan (2005) with Alice Notley and Edmund Berrigan.

Anselm . . .

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Poem Categorization

SUBJECT Arts & Sciences, Language & Linguistics, Social Commentaries

POET’S REGION U.S., Mid-Atlantic

Poetic Terms Free Verse

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