Words to be Broadcast over Eagle’s Nest Sound System –I 

By Brad Gooch b. 1952 Brad Gooch
Made out under sharp leg knife telephone golden shower boy under pinned under sweat sweet drill drilling broken glass smell faint smell aroma of needle tight bod no more but he kept going the slate eyes fastened on my boots tender touch Bud cop sweet and wet soaking the rub laying there time AM radio bondage songs out of touch brought back hard in the nose in the legs first the socks tight screwing into the ground tight tree phosphorescent beer too much too much a soft boy’s voice beard hair arms legs loose and flowing fast down 18th Street at every corner mouth wet motorcycle cop glasses long to the knees hot and heavy you make me a pleasure machine a pleasure machine in the night you left me on the street to take a leak the dynamite sounds juke box still in my head my head knocked against that wall wet smelling one guy after another too much head hair cut off by your one hand the other leg stretched out body you’ve got it the tender touch in the palm of my hand in the insides of your legs your spell is tying me up in the stomach in the cock your hands keep moving in and out a heart a fist a piece of my heart goes with it and I’ve got you on the list starmaker bright gloves wristwatch try me piece of glass stuck in the heart a needle in my arm you’ve got the power to turn on the gas the electricity playing dead gun smoke your den my ass red tied into the socket dying to get you under my skin liquid popper scat b/m w/s Long Island master looking for expert slave meet at Interstate blacking out blacking one eye eye patch no leg Vietnam veteran marine action pow action muddy boots taken care of ready now to take what you’ve got giving you what’s good for you taking you out on the street you dirty son of a bitch trigger happy in it for the action I never wanted to hear that phone voice again when he said to come drumming in the heart pumping slumping over on the sidewalk moonlight carlight headlight sideview walking down the street in front behind jewelry sounds my ear is in my head smell you robin fly fly robin fly right up to the sky pinned underneath heavy builder shit house rubber slit up the arm try to get away long day at work waiting to get home to my boy make him eat it blonde boy beard man extra money stay for a day in service in the tight bathroom for three days no way zinc gold spray today the gay bars are full the gay bars are full I met him in the hall tall black cowboy no face under the hat sat on his boot ready to shine to shine skin wet ready dogs eyes ready no room two more and keep going until I say

Brad Gooch, "Words To Be Broadcast over Eagle’s Nest Sound System -I" from The Son of The Male Muse: New Gay Poetry. Copyright © 1983 by Brad Gooch.  Reprinted by permission of Brad Gooch.

Source: The Son of The Male Muse: New Gay Poetry. (The Crossing Press, 1983)

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Poet Brad Gooch b. 1952

POET’S REGION U.S., Mid-Atlantic

Subjects Living, The Body, Relationships

Poetic Terms Prose Poem


Literary biographer and fiction writer Brad Gooch was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. He earned a BA from Columbia College and an MA and a PhD in English and comparative literature from Columbia University. His first book was a collection of poetry, The Daily News (1977). His biographies include City Poet: The Life and Times of Frank O’Hara (1993) and Flannery: A Life of Flannery O’Connor (2009), which he completed with . . .

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Poem Categorization

SUBJECT Living, The Body, Relationships

POET’S REGION U.S., Mid-Atlantic

Poetic Terms Prose Poem

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