mi'kmaq book of the dead

Visual Poetry: mIEKAL aND

mIEKAL aND often incorporates alien scripts into his work. These can be undecipherable writing systems of history, scripts unfamiliar to most people, and scripts invented by him or others. He uses these to allow us to see written language with new eyes, to appreciate its visual forms, and to face the process of searching for meaning in a foreign textscape. His "mi'kmaq book of the dead" combines seemingly recognizable characters with apparently pictographic ones, encouraging us to pick out a meaning we will never quite find on our own.—Geof Huth

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Source: Poetry (November 2008).



mIEKAL aND is a DIY cultural anarchist and creator of verbo-visual literature, audio art, and hypermedia, distributed by Xexoxial Editions (xexoxial.org). His hypermedia works reside at joglars.org.

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SUBJECT Living, Death, Religion, Other Religions, Social Commentaries, History & Politics, The Spiritual

Poetic Terms Visual Poetry

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