untitled (for Natalee and Jeremy)

By derek beaulieu derek beaulieu
Visual Poetry: derek beaulieu

derek beaulieu often works at the edges of language, using isolated letters to create visual, instead of verbal, patterns and deconstructing found texts to tease out hidden meanings. His "untitled (for Natalee and Jeremy)," produced for two of his friends, is either a visual poetry epithalamium or simply a joyous celebration of the physical beauties of lettershape and writing. The resulting poem, which is created with press-on type, gains most of its effects from the repetition of identical letters, visual poetry's equivalent to rhyme, consonance, and assonance.—Geof Huth

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Source: Poetry (November 2008).


This poem originally appeared in the November 2008 issue of Poetry magazine

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November 2008
 derek  beaulieu


derek beaulieu is the author of KERN (Les Figues Press, 2014) and is the Poet Laureate of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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SUBJECT Arts & Sciences, Language & Linguistics


Poetic Terms Visual Poetry

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