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Visual Poetry: Philip Gallo

Philip Gallo is a typographer-poet, or "typoet," and his work depends on the careful alignment of simple words for its effects. "untitled" makes reference to the concrete poetry of the middle of the twentieth century. Diter Rot, whose name serves as the central text of this poem, was famous for a number of rigid typographical poems, including one that played with the letters "t" and "u" to produce, in varying ways, the words "tu" (you) and "ut" ("do" on the musical scale). Gallo's poem also appears to allude to "ping pong" by Eugen Gomringer, another early concrete poet.—Geof Huth

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Source: Poetry (November 2008).


This poem originally appeared in the November 2008 issue of Poetry magazine

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November 2008
 Philip  Gallo


Philip Gallo has been printing letterpress artist books and visual poetry at The Hermetic Press since 1965. The books he has printed are in museums in the United States and Europe.

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Poetic Terms Visual Poetry

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