By Michael Basinski Michael Basinski
Visual Poetry: Michael Basinski

Michael Basinski creates visual poems that are colorful cacophonies of text and shape. His handwritten poems, which often serve as scores for equally exuberant sound poems, are filled to the margin with broken lines of text that curl into one another, read from different directions, and are often filled with nonsense words of his own invention. "Labile" is a good example of a visual poem that defiantly spurns convention. It is a neo-Dadaist poem intent on shaking the reader out of quiet acceptance and somnolence.—Geof Huth

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Source: Poetry (November 2008).


This poem originally appeared in the November 2008 issue of Poetry magazine

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November 2008
 Michael  Basinski


Michael Basinski is the Curator of the Poetry Collection, State University of New York at Buffalo. His many books of poetry include Of Venus 93 ((Little Scratch Pad, 1997) and All My Eggs Are Broken (Blaze VOX Books, 2007)

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