Vision Test

By Patricia Kirkpatrick Patricia Kirkpatrick
The brain, like the earth, lies in layers.
Floaters dart and punch. I see the field.
My face stays numb. Keep your eye on the target.
Click the button when a light appears.
Last night I read “So little evidence is left
of what had vanished.” I can’t always follow directions.
The tumor pressed a lobe, charging
the amygdala, emotional core of the self.
In school they taught us that soil covers core
and mantle; mythology explains creation
and change. Now age drapes childhood;
my hair, the incision. I see a light but forget
to click. I didn’t remember dreams for a year.
How I’ve changed may not be apparent.

Source: Poetry (April 2012).


This poem originally appeared in the April 2012 issue of Poetry magazine

April 2012
 Patricia   Kirkpatrick


Patricia Kirkpatrick has published Century’s Road (Holy Cow! Press, 2004) and books for young readers, including Plowie: A Story from the Prairie (Harcourt, 2004).

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SUBJECT Living, Health & Illness, The Body, The Mind

Poetic Terms Free Verse

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