GTA: San Andreas (or, “Grove Street, bitch!”)

By Jacob Saenz Jacob Saenz
I play on Grove Street,
live on Grove Avenue.

Find me in the streets dressed
in greens like groves.

On the avenue, I’m a blue
jeans type of guy.

In the streets, never leave
home w/out my 9mm.

On the avenue, always carry
my pen & wine key, in case

some fool blows his cork.
My UZI sings songs in

the streets—rat-a-tat-tat.
Birds chirp-chirp-chirp

in trees on the avenue.
Rolling down the street

w/my lady—what she wanna do?
“Let’s do a drive-by.”

Rushing down the avenue
w/my baby: “I’m hungry.

Let’s do drive-thru.”
I’ll punch punks purple & blue

in the streets, bleed ’em w/bullets.
On the avenue, I’ll leave punching

to punks dressed in blues, reds,
et cetera & mind my own.

Source: Poetry (November 2012).


This poem originally appeared in the November 2012 issue of Poetry magazine

November 2012
 Jacob  Saenz


Poet and editor Jacob Saenz was born in Chicago and raised in Cicero, Illinois. He earned a BA in creative writing from Columbia College in Chicago. Saenz has been an editor at Columbia Poetry Review and an associate editor at RHINO. He works as an acquisitions assistant at the Columbia College library and has read his poetry at a number of Chicago venues. A CantoMundo fellow, he has also been the recipient of a Letras Latinas . . .

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Poem Categorization

SUBJECT Living, Life Choices, Youth, Social Commentaries, Cities & Urban Life, Class

POET’S REGION U.S., Midwestern

Poetic Terms Couplet, Free Verse

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