The Unique Thoughts of Otherhood

By Sina Queyras Sina Queyras

After Alfred Noyes


Umber tail mount,
Seven bubbles, sad
Balk of night,
Red tulip lunges.

Incandescent felt tips,
Small ochre waves
In the nape
Of greening brick.

Simile-clad branches
Vascular, the leather
Cusp of April
Or glass leaves:

Nest of pages
In a sweep.


Coil helix rain.
Congregation gully up.
Cold steel compress
Her rosy ways.

Rattle a cocoon,
Three twins falling
Combat lost nap
Wool in Woolf.

Brittle sheep tossed,
Biotic petrol lagoon:
Morning sex lyric
Ever after umber:

Where the knobby
Moose pins glisten.


Hooked rug or
Gursky’s 99 cent.
By the thousand
Field, bunch, vase,

Swooped pink neckline
Tailored as crinoline
Fringed, parrot, Rembrandt
Ovoid domesticated bowl.

Swivel in red
Armless white linen,
Visualization of unnatural
Interactive selection bias:

What the daffodil
Could not accomplish.


Owls curtain his
Future, a violent
Wave rumbling beneath
The brown floorboards.

I’m a bad
Mother, impatient, tiny-
Fisted body crumpled
Against my chest,

Aquatic gulps of
Air, the owls,
Prickling our chests.
The bad finger

Points back, points
At the pointer.


After Steve McCaffery’s “Tyrolean Night”

Suddenness is other,
A numerical chill
Sphere machine, a
Tall Bashō bathes.

Pond jumps in
To frog, insults
Are all sex,
Is mute sagas,

Is daylight upended,
Drunken, you sang
The totem up:
The wind did

What shrewd words
So rarely do.

Source: Poetry (January 2014).


This poem originally appeared in the January 2014 issue of Poetry magazine

January 2014
 Sina  Queyras


Sina Queyras grew up on the road in western Canada and she has since lived in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, New York, Philadelphia, and Calgary where she was Markin Flanagan Writer in Residence. She is the author most recently of the poetry collection MxT (2014) and Unleashed (2010), a selection of posts from the first four years of her blog. Her previous collection of poetry, Expressway (Coach House 2009), was nominated for a . . .

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