Brown Girl Manifesto (Too)

By Marilyn Chin b. 1955 Marilyn Chin
Metaphor     metaphor     my pestilential aesthetic
      A tsunami powers through     my mother’s ruins
Delta     delta     moist loins of the republic
      Succumb to the low-lying succubus     do!

Flagpole     flagpole     my father’s polemics
      A bouquet of     fuck-u-bastard flowers
Fist me     embrace me     with your phantom limbs
      Slay me     with your slumlord     panegyrics

Flip over     so I can see your pastoral mounts
      Your sword     slightly parting     from the scabbard
Girl skulls     piled like fresh-baked loaves
      A foul wind     scours my mother’s cadaver

Ornamental     Oriental     techno     impresarios
      I am your parlor rug     your chamber bauble
Love me     stone me     I am all yours
      Pound     Pound     my father’s Ezra

Freedom     freedom     flageolet-tooting   girls
Dancing     on the roof     of the maquiladoras

Source: Poetry (May 2014).


This poem originally appeared in the May 2014 issue of Poetry magazine

May 2014
 Marilyn  Chin


Poet Marilyn Chin was born in Hong Kong but grew up in Oregon, in the U.S. Northwest. A noted anthologist, translator and educator as well as a poet and novelist, Chin’s work distills her experiences both as an Asian American and as a politically attuned woman. Her poetry is noted for its direct and often confrontational attitude. “The pains of cultural assimilation infuse her…poems,” wrote Contemporary Women Poets essayist . . .

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Poem Categorization

SUBJECT Social Commentaries, Gender & Sexuality, Race & Ethnicity


Poetic Terms Free Verse

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