from Double Exposures

By Greg Williamson b. 1964 Greg Williamson

         Superbowl XXX. And see, strung-out and thin,
The skeleton has been exposed against
                           The Domino's Pizza man, enveloped in
A black felt background. Poor Bones, he's been flensed.
                              That baggy uniform, a backwards cap,
He's pierced; he's heroin chic; but he's all grins,
                        Come from the darkness in his rattletrap,
Burlesquer, rake, this rack of candlepins,
            Giving long odds, right here at the front door,
A real smoothie, with a faint ennui,
                   And winning the bet he'll be returning for.
Another working stiff,   like you or me.


                     (Or was it XXXI? Oh well.) That's Anne.
And look who's back in this one: portrait style,
               You see, Anne's dancing with the pizza man,
Our old friend Bonesy, with the killer smile,
                           Doing a sort of earthy, homegrown bop,
With those dark, bedroom eyes and the cleft chin,
                                 Belting it out like soul with ZZ Top,
But think about his humble origin,
             Bouyant with life, jouissance, the growing buzz
About tough prizes won along the way
                           And toasted. But, then, everybody was.
Becoming much the man you see today.

Source: Poetry (August 2000).


Poet and editor Greg Williamson grew up in Nashville and was educated at Vanderbilt University, the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and Johns Hopkins University’s Writing Seminars. Williamson has published several collections of poetry, including The Silent Partner (1995), winner of the Nicholas Roerich Poetry Prize; Errors in the Script (2001), runner-up for the Poet’s Prize; and A Most Marvelous Piece of Luck . . .

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POET’S REGION U.S., New England

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