Eve's Design

By Moira Linehan Moira Linehan
Then there's the Yemeni legend   
of Eve in the Garden knitting   
a pattern on the serpent's back,   
the snake unfinished like the rest   
of creation, the first woman   
thinking to add design, a sheath   
of interlocking diamonds and stripes   
along that sensuous S,   
knitting giving her time to learn   
what's infinitely possible   
with a few stitches, twisting cables,   
hers a plan to mirror the divine   
inner layer that can't be shed   
no matter what it rubs up against.

Source: Poetry (June 2001).


This poem originally appeared in the June 2001 issue of Poetry magazine

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June 2001


Moira Linehan has work in current or upcoming issues of Alaska Quarterly Review, Green Mountains Review, and Notre Dame Review. She lives in Winchester, Massachusetts, where she works as an academic administrator. She has been a resident at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts.

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