Lady MacBeth's Confession

By Neisha Tweed Neisha Tweed
Never mind thick night! Darkness move quick!   
Madness engulf me like Jacob's coat;   
colors tighten like sickness 'round me throat.   
Wha it is do already can't tek back   
but it still got me a wash me hand   
til they sour and callus, de visions   
plaguing de dark a me mind like locust.   

Me conscience no business dem days   
when me could grin up and skin teet 1    
inna company of great men   
who smile up smile up wid me   
an looking fava 2  inna secret eyes an backdoor smiles.   
I know say woman like me plain wicked an conniving:   
stinkin' wid ambition, smilin' close against you skin,   
seeking confession wid de devil.   

Now so, me lay up inna bed wid death   
a-write me love letter. Got me   
a crave colors to soothe me spirit;   
red never could please me,   
purple grind like a grater on me cheek,   
orange sting like a ledda on me hot skin,   
and white—mek me breast feel weight down   
wid milk, got me head swirling like inna hurricane.   
I chew down me bitter nails til I taste de poison

1 be insincere; 2 special treatment

Source: Poetry (August 2004).


This poem originally appeared in the August 2004 issue of Poetry magazine

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August 2004


Neisha Tweed was born in St. Kitts and is the recipient of Poetry's Union League Civic and Arts Poetry Prize for 2004. She currently works and attends school in Atlanta, Georgia.

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