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Neha Vedpathak, detail, “Bhaba,” (2016)

Bhaba by Neha Vedpathak

Jul 11th, 2016 – Sep 15th, 2016

A virtual dialogue between the artist and the poets Rabindranath Tagore and Kay Ryan, Bhaba is a multi-disciplinary exhibition that includes a large-scale paper work, an installation of handmade “stones,” and a mixed-media garland. Vedpathak’s “plucking” technique, in which she separates the fibers of handmade Japanese paper using a tiny pin, results in an immense, floating wall of paper that resembles a lace fabric. Her “stone” sculptures, created from Arizona sand and plant sap, blur the lines between the natural and the manmade. Neha Vedpathak will give a gallery talk in conversation with Srikanth Reddy on August 5 at noon.


Exhibit Hours 

Monday — Friday, 11 AM — 4 PM

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