Community Events


Friday, July 25, 8:00PM

Diane Raptosh

Boise, ID poet laureate Raptosh reads from her latest collection, American Amnesiac, which was longlisted for the 2013 National Book Award.

Saturday, July 26, 7:00PM

Eric Baus and Andrea Rexilius

Marcel Press co-editors Baus (The Tranquilized Tongue) and Rexilius (Half of What They Carried Flew Away) read for the Myopic Poetry Series, hosted by Larry Sawyer.

Sunday, July 27, 3:00PM

Amanda Ackerman, Elizabeth Hall, Ani Raya-Flores and others

Ackerman (The Book of Feral Flora) and Hall (Two Essays by Elizabeth Hall) read from recently released books for the Sumarr series. They're joined by Fox Frazier-Foley, Ani Raya-Flores and Chris Santiago,...

Monday, July 28, 7:30PM

Cassandra Dallett, Hollie Hardy and SB Stokes

Tim Kahl hosts a reading by Dallett (Wet Reckless), Hardy (How to Take a Bullet and Other Survival Poems) and Stokes (A History of Broken Love Things), all reading from their recently published first books.

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