• Essay
    By Hugh Ryan

    What can an eighth-century Islamic poet tell us about queer desire?

From the current issue of Poetry

From This Issue July/August 2018
  • poem
    By Catherine Barnett

    No woman wants to be low-hanging fruit,

  • poem
    By Yoko Ono

    The sky is high

  • poem
    By Safia Elhillo

    i was born

From Poetry Off the ShelfAugust 2018

Reading and exploring poetry along with students this school year.

  • From The Poetry Magazine PodcastAugust 2018

    In this archival episode, the editors discuss Carolyn Forché's poem "Mourning" from the October 2016 issue of Poetry.

  • From PoetryNowAugust 2018

    Emily Hunt documents her time working at a greenhouse for an online flower seller. Produced by Katie Klocksin.

  • From The Poetry Magazine PodcastAugust 2018

    In this archival episode, the editors discuss Terrance Hayes’s poem “How to Draw a Perfect Circle” from the December 2014 issue of Poetry.

  • From PoetryNowAugust 2018

    Laura Marie Marciano describes the feeling of freedom after closing a chapter in one’s life. Produced by Katie Klocksin.


The mid-century countercultural poets who helped define a generation.

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    Poet Alice Oswald was trained as a classicist at New College, University of Oxford. Her first collection of poetry, The Thing in...

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