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Begin in delight, end in wisdom.

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      Appeared in Poetry Magazine From “Lacing”

      By Tacey M. Atsitty

      There I was, all spread out for the taking,
      bloomed wings waiting for winter
      sleet. It was a long season of drinking whole
      creeks and nothing else. We churned desert
      into desert. What I’m saying is, neither the desert
      rat nor damselfly can bear the...

    • poem
      By Wendy Rose
      From morning’s mouth
      the bones emerge,
      a prayer is whispered
      over rounded horns;
      the prairie is beyond
      the quivering hump
      and holy smoke sparkles
      released in the breath.
      Braided sweetgrass,
      be about their hooves;
      although the grip of hunger
      lies heavy on the land,
      let endless native grasses grow
      among the yellow stones

    • poem
      By Joy Harjo


      Recognize whose lands these are on which we stand.
      Ask the deer, turtle, and the crane.
      Make sure the spirits of these lands are respected and treated with goodwill.
      The land is a being who remembers everything.
      You will...

Editors' Picks
    • poem
      By Maxine Kumin
      The week in August you come home,
      adult, professional, aloof,
      we roast and carve the fatted calf
      —in our case home-grown pig, the chine
      garlicked and crisped, the applesauce
      hand-pressed. Hand-pressed the greengage wine.

      Nothing is cost-effective here.

    • poem
      By Rowena Bastin Bennett
      Thanksgiving Day I like to see
      Our cook perform her witchery.
      She turns a pumpkin into pie
      As easily as you or I
      Can wave a hand or wink an eye.
      She takes leftover bread and muffin
      And changes them to turkey stuffin’.
      She changes cranberries to...

Featured Poems
From the Current Issue of Poetry Magazine
    • poem

      Appeared in Poetry Magazine Matters of the Father

      By Robin Richardson

      She could live on chips on paint chips potato chips the poker chips he stacked in towers on the nightstand she could live in glass or underground or in his Cadillac she lived inside his head his cowboy boots she...

    • poem

      Appeared in Poetry Magazine Mansplaining

      By Jennifer Militello
      Dear sir, your air of authority
      leaves me lost. Eases me from
      a place of ease. Contracts with
      my contradictions to take from me
      a place. Autopilots my autobiography.
      Frightens my fright. Sighs with
      my breath. Wins at my race.
      Your certainty has me curtained.
      Your nerve has...

    • poem

      Appeared in Poetry Magazine Twelve

      By Lynn Melnick
      When I was your age I went to a banquet.
      When I was your age I went to a barroom

      and bought cigarettes with quarters
      lifted from the laundry money. Last night

      I did all your laundry. I don’t know why
      I thought this love...

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