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Begin in delight, end in wisdom.

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Created in partnership by the Poetry Foundation and Manual Cinema, this animated short brings three war poems to life with innovative puppetry and animation work.

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    Filmed on location at Kenkeleba House Garden in the East Village, this poignant film contemplates how poetry can entrap, rather than release, past traumas and hardships.

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    Filmed on location at Sister’s Uptown Bookstore in Harlem, this moving meditation reveals the tangled strands of personal identity that emerge from literature and repetitive thought patterns.

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    In this moving meditation, author Esther Aloba contemplates sexuality, queerness, loss, and resilience in the aftermath of a relationship.

NewsHour Poetry Series
From NewsHour Poetry Series

Phil Kaye shares one of his poems, “Surplus,” for a brief but spectacular take on his grandfather, Cheerful Al, and the limitations of "traditional masculinity."

Poetry Documentaries
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Whitman’s poetry unites us in freedom and our compassionate, common humanity.

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    2013 Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize Winner

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    Poetry of the Women of Afghanistan.

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    Vanessa Place tweets Lyn Hejinian’s life softly as her song.

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    Poem by Dorian Merina, film by Alyssa Sherwood. Inaugural prize-winner of the Poetry Film Prize.

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