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From the current issue of Poetry

From This Issue September 2018
  • poem
    By Keith S. Wilson

    I’m striving to be a better astronaut

  • poem
    By Ange Mlinko

    It is eighty degrees in December.

  • poem
    By Franz Wright

    Father trellis of my voice (or noose) abruptly vanished — 


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From the Poetry Magazine Archive
    • poem

      Appeared in Poetry Magazine The Bean Eaters

      By Gwendolyn Brooks
      They eat beans mostly, this old yellow pair.   
      Dinner is a casual affair.
      Plain chipware on a plain and creaking wood,   
      Tin flatware.

      Two who are Mostly Good.
      Two who have lived their day,
      But keep on putting on their clothes   
      And putting things away.

      And remembering ...

    • poem

      Appeared in Poetry Magazine The Parrot (To Miss Cassatt)

      By Edgar Degas

    • poem

      Appeared in Poetry Magazine The Pearl-Miners

      By Muriel Spark


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