Victoria Martinez, "Nuestra Piel," 2016

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The oldest monthly devoted to verse in the English-speaking world.
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  1. Stella Maria Baer
    Featured poem
    By Danielle Chapman

    Mother Dear, never apologize for nettles I yanked in fury from Lottie Shoop’s side yard —  they stung me into seeing fairy mosses lilypad her middened...

  2. Featured poem
    By Arthur Sze

    He slips on ice near a mailbox —  no gemsbok leaps across the road —  a singer tapped an eagle feather on his shoulders —  women...

  3. Peter Solness
    Featured poem
    By Les Murray

    Come our one great bushfire pigs, sty-released, declined to quit their pavements of gravel and shit. Other beasts ran headlong, whipping off with genitals...

  4. Trish Crapo

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Editors' Blog
By Lindsay Garbutt
Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Did you forget to download your free copy of the April 2017 issue of Poetry? There are still five days left of National Poetry Month,...

The Poetry Magazine Podcast

The editors go inside the pages of Poetry, talking to poets and critics, debating the issues, and sharing their poem selections with listeners.

The editors talk with Sumita Chakrabroty about her poem "Dear, beloved" from the April 2017 issue of Poetry.

Discussion Guide
Plums, Volcanoes, and Heartbreak in the April 2017 Poetry


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