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From the current issue of Poetry

From This Issue December 2017

If all your friends read poetry, would you read it too? We think so, and here’s why.

From the Poetry Magazine Archive
    • poem
      By George Starbuck
      *Ofury-bedecked!O glitter-torn!Let the wild wind erectbonbonbonanzas; junipers affectfrostyfreeze turbans; iciclestuff adornall cuckolded creation in a madcap crown of horn!It’s a new day; no scapegrace of a secttidying up the ashtrays playing Daughter-in-Law Elect;bells! bibelots! popsicle cigars! shatter the glassware! a...

    • poem

      Appeared in Poetry Magazine Valéry as Dictator

      By Amiri Baraka
      Sad. And it comes
      tomorrow. Again, gray, the streaks
      of work
      shredding the stone
      of the pavement, dissolving 
      with the idea
      of singular endeavor.  Herds, the
      of suffering intelligences
      and out of 
      hearing. Though the day
      come to us
                          in waves,

    • Interview

      Appeared in Poetry Magazine Beyond All This Fiddle

      By Seamus Heaney Interviewed by Dennis O'Driscoll (Seamus Heaney & Dennis O'Driscoll)

      In a wide-ranging interview, Nobel Prize winning poet Heaney talks about the Avant-Garde, Robert Frost’s influence, poetic form, and "phonetic grunting from South Derry."


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