UBUWEB :: Spring 2007
Stan Brakhage: The Test of Time (MP3) A series of 20 half-hour long radio broadcasts by Brakhage recorded at KAIR, Univeristy of Colorado in 1982. Includes long passages of Brakhage musing on subjects such as film, poetry, theater, and other arts. Includes music, lectures, readings, and sound pieces by Edgar Varese, Peter Kubelka, Kenneth Patchen, Charles Ives, Kurt Schwitters, Robert Duncan, Ed Dorn, Glenn Gould, James Joyce, Virgil Thomson, Gertrude Stein, Olivier Messiaen, Louis Zukofsky, William Faulkner, Charles Olson, Henry Cowell and many others. You can also read The Brakhages Lectures (1972) and view the short film Legendary Yarns and Fables: Stan Brakhage on UbuWeb.
Her Noise: Women in Experimental Music (2007): A video documenting the development of the Her Noise project between 2001 and 2005 and features interviews with artists including Diamanda Galas, Lydia Lunch, Kim Gordon, Jutta Koether, Peaches, Marina Rosenfeld, Kembra Pfhaler, Chicks On Speed, Else Marie Pade, Kaffe Matthews, Emma Hedditch, Christina Kubisch and the show's curators, Lina Dzuverovic and Anne Hilde Neset. The documentary also features excerpts from live performances held during the Her Noise exhibition at South London Gallery by Kim Gordon, Jutta Koether and Jenny Hoyston (Erase Errata), Christina Carter, Heather Leigh Murray, Ana Da Silva (The Raincoats), Spider And The Webs, Partyline and Marina Rosenfeld's 'Emotional Orchestra' at Tate Modern. Her Noise celebrates the occasion of Electra, the London-based arts agency, new partnership with UbuWeb.
/ubu Editions, Third Series (Spring 2007): Edited by Danny Snelson. UbuWeb is pleased to present the latest installment of our ongoing series of full-length e-books. Titles for this series include works by Steve Benson, Maurice Blanchot, Mairéad Byrne, Terence Gower & Mónica de la Torre, Dick Higgins, Bernard Nöel, Severo Sarduy, Claude Simon, Rosemarie Waldrop, Robert Wilson, and Monique Wittig. This new series of /ubu editions presents eleven out-of-print works from 1957 to 1994 - and also includes three newer titles (1999-2007). Of the historical republications, there are three works of poetry, three works of prose, one opera libretto, one work of critical theory, and one manifesto - though each piece blurs these genres. Seven were written in English, four appear in translation, and one is bilingual. Two authors could be considered language poets, two are associated with Tel Quel, one arguably initiated Fluxus, another arguably initiated the new novel. Four are women, nine are men. One title was changed for its /ubu publication.

Peter Rose: Vox 13- Eleven films created between 1983 and 2000, Vox 13 offers a grand circumnavigation of the subject of language. These films consider what it means to read, what it means to listen, when it is that we speak, how words acquire meaning, what it means to write, who we listen to, how we listen, what speaks, other ways we can speak, what the voice is, where language can be found, what words do to time, what holds stories together, and how light shapes language.
Francis Bacon - The South Bank Show (1985): Part of The South Bank Show series, David Hinton directs this BBC documentary about British painter Francis Bacon, known for his horrifying portraits of humanity. The program consists of a series of conversations between Bacon and interviewer Melvyn Bragg, starting with commentary during a side-show presentation at the Tate Gallery in London. Later in the evening, Bacon is followed through various bars hanging out, drinking, and gambling. In another segment, Bacon provides a tour of his painting studio and a glimpse at his reference photographs of distorted humans. The artist discusses his theories, influences, and obsessions. This title won an International Emmy Award in 1985.
David Schafer: Audio Works (1999-2007): A survey of Schafer's oeuvre, from his radically altered plunderphonic pieces -- including densely layered remixes of easy listening, pop, soft and classic rock records -- to his geeky "General Theory Expo", a continuous play of a reading by a female voice actor of a Jacques Derrida lecture from 1966. Schafer conceptually explores ideas about how the structures of space and sound data, controls, oppresses, stimulates, or enlivens the listening subject. On these tracks, Schafer works with voice actors and with various degrees of superimposition that border on, or fully engage, the noise side of things.
The Films of Irene Moon and the Begonia Society: Irene Moon has been creating music, film and musical lectures since the mid-90s. Her films are head- ing combinations of completely factual information with neo-Dada homemade New Wave music, insect sound samples, microphotography, animations and so much more. Included here are her Films of the Auk Theater, a touring theater that performs absurd, classical and heavily stylized theater in rock clubs and music venues. All of the short Auk plays are from 2004-2005. Also: The Super 8 series: Early films from Moon with soundtracks created from field recordings of insects and equipment commonly found in a laboratory environment.
Beckett Directs Beckett (1985): In 1985 Samuel Beckett directed "Waiting for Godot", "Krapp's Last Tape" and "Endgame" as stage pieces with the San Quentin Players. All three productions were grouped together under the overall title "Beckett Directs Beckett." As such they toured throughout Europe and in some parts of Asia to wide acclaim. The programs were aired by PBS in the US and have been seen in many other countries throughout the world.
Jonas Mekas-Scenes from Allen's Last Three Days on Earth as a Spirit (1997): To mark the tenth anniversary of Allen Ginsberg's death (April 5, 1997), UbuWeb is featuring this remarkable video diary of Ginsberg in the days immediately before and after his death. Streaming and downloadable versions available.
Samuel Beckett - Audio Works (MP3) New additions to the UbuWeb Samuel Beckett archive: France Culture Radio Broadcasts (L'IMAGE par Denis Lavant, MALONE MEURT par Jerome Kirchen, LE DEPEUPLEUR par Serge Martin, L'expulse (Roger Blin), Actes sans paroles, 01.10.63 (Roger Blin), Bing, 1965 (Roger Blin), CENDRES (1966, Seyrig, Blin, Martin, Seminoff); A Swedish version of Embers; Cette fois (Jean Bollery); A Piece of Monologue (English version, David Warrilow), Solo (French version, David Warrilow). Also see Samuel Beckett in UbuWeb Film.
Igor and Gleb Aleinikov - Five Films (1984-87): The brothers Igor and Gleb Aleinikov belonged to the first generation of independent filmmakers in the Soviet Union, who no longer worked within the studio system, but founded the 'Parallel Cinema'. Their films, like Western experimental film in the 60s, deliberately refused to conform to professional standards, and were thus rejected not only officially, but also by many filmmakers.
John Cage - For the Third Time (1978): John Cage speaks with a laryngitis-ridden Richard Kostelanetz about the techniques he used in "Writing Through Finnegans Wake" (1977) and "Writing for the Second Time Through Finnegans Wake" (1977). Kostelanetz whispers the entire interview, as Cage describes his work in full volume. Several other Cage videos can be viewed here and numerous Cage MP3s & audio files are available on Cage's page in Ubuweb Sound. See Cage's score for his Songbooks (1970). Listen to his Norton Lectures (1988-89).
Peter Forgacs-Wittgenstein's Tractatus (1992): Forgacs' Wittgenstein Tractatus is composed of seven short video essays that refer to one of Wittgenstein's most influential works, Tractatus Logico Philosophicus, first published in 1921. Each of Forgacs' brief essays — set in motion as a torn photograph comes together, only to break apart again — relates to one of Wittgenstein's philosophical propositions. Black and white home movies from the early twentieth century are accompanied by voice-overs and written texts from Tracatus, in Hungarian and English, and a somber, lyrical score. Scenes of bourgeois life are haunted by forebodings of the future. Drawing upon the disjunction between language and image, Forgacs creates a symbolic illustréation of Wittgenstein's theories of logic, language, reality and representation. You can download the wonderful Tibor Szemzo soundtrack.
People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz - Boots! (2006) (MP3): These recordings document a collaborative research and development process between People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz culminating in a live performance using vintage turntables and vinyl dubplates, a CDr album ("Boots!"), a 10" vinyl record ("Honeysuckle Boulevard"), and a CD album ("Perpetuum Mobile"). Using the internet and file sharing as our primary means of communication and collaboration, we experimented and explored our collaborative practices over a period of almost a year. The files available here constitute the research sketches, the CDr, and the live performance. We would encourage others to use the dubplate files to create new juxtapositions and recontextualisations.
Avant-Garde All the Time: The UbuWeb Poetry Foundation Podcast (2007) (MP3) A short (11 minute) interview with UbuWeb founding editor Kenneth Goldsmith introducing the site to a general listenership, with a specific focus on UbuWeb's sound archives. Full MP3 recordings of the excerpts featured on the podcast include: bpNichol 060173; Marie Osmond performing Hugo Ball's Karawane; Guiallme Apollinaire Le Pont Mirabeau; Gertrude Stein The Making of Americans: Parts 1 & 2; The Dial-A-Poem Poets; Patti Smith Parade; Ogden Nash Word About Winter; Charles Bernstein 1-100. The podcast was produced by Curtis Fox for The Poetry Foundation.
Peter Whitehead - Wholly Communion (1965): The film "Wholly Communion" captures the historic event at the Royal Albert Hall on 11 June 1965 where an audience of 7,000 witnessed the first meeting of American and English Beat poets. Among the performers featured are Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Gregory Corso and Ernst Jandl. The event was viewed as the inaugural moment of the mass counter culture of the '60s. Despite being organized in a matter of days, a press conference announcing the event the previous week guaranteed an estimated audience of 7,000 inside the venue, who had been invited to: "Come in fancy dress"; "Come with flowers," and "Come!" Many more were turned away at the door, and, according to the press coverage the next day in The Guardian, those unable to enter were "clamouring to get in", with the event being described by many as the "biggest poetry-reading meeting in the English-speaking world"
Rick Moody - Audio Works (1999-present) (MP3): These pieces represent a small sampling of Moody's audio work that he's done over the years, mostly for radio. Collaborators include Kurt Hoffman, Sherre Delys, Chris Abrahams, Hannah Marcus, Tianna Kennedy, Sharanu Pardeet, Anna M. Saxon, Amy Dissanayake, David Rakowski and John Lurie. Rick Moody is an American novelist and short story writer best known for The Ice Storm (1994). His most recent book is The Diviners (2005).
Music Overheard (MP3): An audio response to the exhibition Super Vision at The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston, December 10 2006 to April 29 2007. Editor Damon Krukowski says, "In constructing an audio response (you could call it a soundtrack) to Super Vision, I followed this lead. Rather than look to the latest computer-based electronica-the futuristic sounds of tomorrow-I wanted to gather work made by traditional means, which would not have been possible outside today's digital audio environment. Thus CD 1 (curated by Bhob Rainey) poses the question: What happens to the sound of acoustic instruments, once musicians are familiar with the tools and techniques of electronic music? And CD 2 (curated by Kenneth Goldsmith) asks a related question about our ur-instrument, the body: How do we hear the body's sounds, now that technology has given us superhuman ears?" MP3s include Greg Kelley, Sean Meehan, Charles Curtis, Bhob Rainey, Taku Unami, Chris Corsano, Liz Tonne, Ellen Fullman, Gregory Whitehead, Language Removal Services, Henri Chopin, Matmos, John Duncan, Caroline Bergvall, Paul Dutton, Lauren Lesko, Christof Migone, Miya Masakoa, Jim Roche, People Like Us and Leif Elggren & Thomas Liljenberg. Presented in collaboration with The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston and PennSound.
4 American Composers: Directed by Peter Greenaway. Feautring John Cage, Meredith Monk, Robert Ashley and Philip Glass. Based on London performances under the aegis of the New York/Almeida Festival, this set of four one-hour documentaries, originally produced in 1983, introduced these avant-garde composers and their music to a general public. It is a tribute to the filmmakers' accomplishment (and a sorry comment on how we honor our own prophets) that the set provides no less valuable an introduction for audiences over two and a half decades later. Rarely seen and out of print, Greenaway's films make a perfect companion to Robert Ashley's set of composer portraits Music With Roots in the Aether, produced in the mid-70s.
--- Spring 2007 :: NEW ADDITIONS ---
Orson Welles: The One Man Band (1995)
The Itchy & Scratchy Orchestra Harvard Concert: pieces by Cornelius Cardew and Christian Wolff (2007)
Morton Feldman Interview, 1986
Joseph Cornell: Rose Hobart, 1936
Joseph Beuys: Abstract Energy LP, 1985 (MP3)
Luigi Russolo: Selection of Historical Audio Works (MP3)
Pandit Pran Nath: Ragas of Morning and Night LP 1986 (MP3)
Wolf Vostell: De/Collage LP, 1980 (MP3)
Sonic Arts Union: Ashley, Lucier, Mumma, Behrman - LP, 1971 (MP3)
Lautpoesie: An Anthology 1974-1986 (MP3)
Jacques Derrida: On Religion (MP3)
Tadanori Yokoo: 3 Animation Films (1964-65)
Pitor Kamler: Animated Films (with Bernard Parmegiani, Francois Bayle, etc) (1969-93)
Werner Nekes & Anthony Moore: Hynningen (1975)
Jacques Lacan: Television (1973)
MoMA: Writing in Time Fitterman, Goldsmith, Bergvall & Byrum (2007)
Banksy: The Punking of Paris Hilton (2006)
Anton Corbijn Some YoYo Stuff: An observation of the observations of Don Van Vliet (1993)
Abagail Child: Mayhem, Mercy, Perils (1986-1989)
Jean Cocteau: Autobiography of an Unknown (1983 - French language)
Robert Frank: Energy and How to Get It (1981)
Larry Jordan: Carabosse (1980)
Maya Deren: The Complete Films (1943-1958)
Joseph Beuys: Filz TV (1970)
Lawrence Weiner: Nothing to Lose (1976)
Alexander Kluge: Selection of Films (1963-1977)
Yves Klein: Anthropometries of the Blue Period and Fire Paintings: Two Film Performances (1960)
John Cage: The Norton Lectures (1988-1989)
Marcel Duchamp: Interview (French, 1961)
Marcel Duchamp: Les Memorables d'Marcel Duchamp (French radio broadcasts, 2005)
Edgard Varese: Les Memorables d'Edgard Varese (French radio broadcasts, 2005)
Pierre Guyotat: Progenitures (2000)
Dieter Roth: The Music of Dieter Roth (1973-1991)
Berliner Dichter Workshop: Dieter Roth, Gerhard Rühm and Oswald Weiner (1973)
Racter The Policeman's Beard is Half Constructed (facsimile edition, 1984)
John Cage: Songbooks (Score, 1970)
Clausfriedrich Claus: Geran Radio Feautres (2000)
Derek Bailey On the Edge: Improvisation from Around the World (1992)
Tim Hecker: Pluie (1994) [MP3]
Takahiko Iimura: On Eye Rape (1962)
Robert Frank: Me And My brother (1969)
Paul Glabicki: Films (1978-84)
Julian Beck Interview (1984) [MP3]
Eirikur Orn Nordahl: Recent Sound Poems [MP3]
Concrete Mass: Art and Money Broadcasts (2006) [MP3]
R. Henry Nigl Shout Art [MP3]
Jas Duke: Poems Of Life And Death By Jas H. Duke (1977-1990) [MP3]
Unamunos Quorum: Strange Visitors (2006) [MP3]
Pierre Coulibeuf: Balkan Baroque (1999)
Seth Price: Stay at Home/Go Home (2003) [PDF]
Martina Pfeiler - Sounds of Poetry: Contemporary American Performance Poets (2003), PDF (3.3mb)
Haroun Farocki Inextinguishable Fire (1969)
Scott MacDonald: Introduction to "Avant-Garde Film" (1993)
Ron Rice: The Queen of Sheba Meets the Atom Man (1963)
Allen Ginsberg - Face to Face: An Interview (1995)
Andrew Lampert - #6 & #4 Okkyung (2004)

Stephen Montague - John Cage at Seventy: An Interview (1985)
Werner Schroeter: Der Tod der Maria Malibran (1972) [German language]
Situationist Documentary On the Passage of a few People through a Rather Brief Moment in Time: The Situationist International 1956-1972
Louis-Ferdinand Celine Television Interview (1961) (French) & "Un siecle d'ecrivains" Louis-Ferdinand Celine - Un diamant noir comme l'enfer (1998)
Rene Vienet: Can Dialectics Break Bricks? (1973)
Gilbert & George: The Ten Commandments of Gilbert & George (1995)
Hollis Frampton: Zorns Lemma (1972)
Jean Genet: Un Chant d'Amour (1950)
Martha Rosler: Semiotics of the Kitchen (1975)
Pipilotti Rist: Video Works (1988-1999)
Wim Delvoye - Sybille II (1999)
George Kuchar Films 1965-1986
Featured Resources:
May 2007
Selected by Adalaide Morris
1. Billie Whitelaw, "Not I" (1973)
2. Jonas Mekas - Scenes from Allen's Last Three Days on Earth as a Spirit (1997)
3 Agnes Varda - Black Panthers, Huey! (1968)
4. John Cage Meets Sun Ra, Side B" (MP3)
5. Henri Chopin - Le Ventre de Bertini, Audio-poeme (MP3)
6. Philip Glass - Score of "1 + 1 for One Player and Amplified Table-Top."
7. Christian Bok - Eunoia, Chapter u

8a. Cecil Taylor - Chinampas 1987 (MP3)
8b. Fred Moten on Cecil Taylor's Chinampas
9. Peter Greenaway - Four American Composers: Meredith Monk (1983)
10. Gregory Whitehead, "What Words Want"

Adalaide Morris is John C. Gerber Professor of English at the University of Iowa, where she teaches courses in modern and contemporary poetry and poetics. Her publications include How to Live / What to Do: H.D.'s Cultural Poetics (Illinois, 2003) and two edited collections, Sound States: Innovative Poetics and Acoustical Technologies (North Carolina, 1997) and, with Thom Swiss, New Media Poetics: Contexts, Technotexts, and Theories (MIT, 2006). Her current project is a book with the tentative title What Else Can Poetry Do? With Alan Golding and Lynn Keller, she co-edits the Contemporary North American Poetry Series at the University of Iowa Press.
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