Peter O'Leary sent this note today:
"The truly terrific Chicago poet Ralph J. Mills, Jr. passed away over the weekend. Here's a link to his obituary in the Tribune today. And here's a link to the small tribute page Tom Raworth has set up for Ralph on his website. (Tom lived in Chicago for a brief period, where he got to know Ralph.) Ralph - whom we published in LVNG several times - was a real inheritor of the Objectivist line & spirit."
Also, here's a link to Bookslut on Mills' book Essays on Poetry.

Originally Published: August 21st, 2007

Emily Warn was born in San Francisco and grew up in California and Detroit. She earned degrees from Kalamazoo College and the University of Washington. Her full-length collections of poetry include The Leaf Path (1982), The Novice Insomniac (1996), and Shadow Architect (2008). She has published two chapbooks: The Book...

  1. August 21, 2007
     Francisco Aragón

    August Kleinzahler turned me onto his work back in the mid eighties. I remember taking a volume of his poems with me to Spain in 1987 and marveling at the delicate poems, whose settings seem to be almost exclusively the flora of his back yard. I haven't thought of him in years, until now.

  2. August 23, 2007
     M. Miriam Herrera

    Dr. Mills was a beloved professor, mentor, and advisor to me and many other young poets. He taught how there was beauty in less, in the simple, and how such delicacy could lead to the divine. He will be sorely missed.