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stick out your tongue

By Stephen Burt

No earthshaking thoughts this morning about poetry and poetics– alas, I must focus on my upcoming trip to Los Angeles, only the second time ever I’ve been to that city– and so, instead, to follow up on Rigoberto’s disturbing post from a few days ago (are those silverfish? if not, what?) a couple more cool online journals.
One is Ice Tongue, which says it is “the only literary journal devoted solely to Antartica.” These two poems by Claire Benyon might just be as elegant as the photos that come with them– and since the photos are ice sheets, that’s saying a lot!
A few more online journals below the fold.

First, Tarpaulin Sky, which is both an online journal and a (physical, printed) book press. In the current issue, I like this poem by Camille Dungy enough to want to see more.
Second, Cold Front, which focuses on reviews; they’ve also got a nifty set of links to other mags.
Also on the directory front, The Page, from New Zealand via Paris, maintained by the NZ-bred poet and critic Andrew Johnston (whose latest book I recommend), with occasional contributions from (cough) me.
Andrew also put together the first annual, all-online, collection of the Best New Zealand Poems. The second appears to be out now, though I haven’t spent much time with it yet: the series now has a base in Honolulu, as well as another in Wellington. Can you imagine a project like this circulating outside NZ if it could exist only between hard covers?
UPDATE: I’ve read much of the ’06 Best NZ Poems now– and I think my favorite poem, so far, is Andrew’s own. Also memorable, though for other reasons: a verse-essay on the meaning of education, by the New Zealand poet James Brown.

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  • On November 1, 2007 at 10:43 pm Vivek Narayanan wrote:

    Thanks for this. My bookmarks are growing and growing.

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