All Avant-Garde All The Time - UbuWeb Podcast #2:
Produced by The Poetry Foundation, UbuWeb is pleased to announce the second in its podcast series, focusing on Ubu's hidden treasures. As the site has grown so large, these occasional audio guides might shed some light on things you may have overlooked, forgotten about or simply never knew about. This podcast explores the mass of recordings by Giorno Poetry Systems (aka The Dial-A-Poem Poets), a series of double LPs put out back in the 70s featuring artists such as Patti Smith, Laurie Anderson, Philip Glass, Meredith Monk, John Cage, Richard Hell, Frank O'Hara and hundreds of others. UbuWeb's first podcast, a general introduction to the site and to sound poetry, can be found here. You can subscribe to our podcast here. The next one, focusing on the audio archives of Aspen Magazine, will be ready in mid-January.
Komar & Melamid "The People's Choice Music" (1997)
With the collaboration of composer Dave Soldier, Komar & Melamid's Most Wanted Painting project was extended into the realm of music. A poll, written by Dave Soldier, was conducted on The Dia Foundation's web site in Spring 1996. Approximately 500 visitors took the survey. Solder used the survey results to write music and lyrics for the Most Wanted and Most Unwanted songs.
>The Most Wanted Song: A musical work that will be unavoidably and uncontrollably "liked" by 72 ± 12% of listeners.
>The Most Unwanted Song: Fewer than 200 individuals of the world's total population will enjoy this.
More details and liner notes here.
Four Films by Gordon Matta-Clark:
Includes Tree Dance (1971), Fresh Kill (1972), Day's End (1975) and Office Baroque (1977). Gordon Matta-Clark's (1943-1978) artistic project was a radical investigation of architecture, deconstruction, space, and urban environments. Dating from 1971 to 1977, his most prolific and vital period, his film and video works include documents of major pieces in New York, Paris and Antwerp, and are focused on three areas: performances and recycling pieces; space and texture works; and his building cuts.
Audio Selections from The Sackner Archive:
Hundreds of MP3s ripped from rare sound poetry LPs, tapes & 45 RPM vinyl. The Ruth & Marvin Sackner Archive of Visual & Concrete Poetry in Miami Beach is the world's largest collection of text-based art. Of the audio files here, curator Matthew Abess states: "The work presented here comprises a portion of the Sackner's tremendous compendium of sonic works. The range of geographic origins runs the circumference of the globe. The time span is nearly a century. It witnesses histories: of poetry, literature, music, visual art, technology, politics, religion, theoretical contentions and practical abstention." Artists include John Cage, Merzbow, Anton Bruhin, Laurie Anderson, Bob Cobbing, Lily Greenham, Velemir Chlebnikov, Aleksej Krucenych and Jean Jacques Lebel among dozens of others. UbuWeb is also pleased to feature a full-length documentary about the Sackner Archive, Concrete! directed by Sara Sackner.

Five Films by Jonas Mekas
Mekas, born 1922, is considered by many to be the godfather of American avant-garde cinema. Presented here are Happy Birthday to John (1972), a film record of John Lennon's 32nd birthday party; Zefiro Torna or Scenes from the Life of George Maciunas (1992), a video diary of Fluxus founder George Maciunas; and Scenes from Allen's Last Three Days on Earth as a Spirit (1997), a video diary of Ginsberg in the days immediately before and after his death. Also included is a short, Hare Krishna (1966), with a soundtrack by Ginsberg.
Make Perhaps This Out Sense Of Can You: Bob Cobbing (1920-2002)
A celebration highlighting the works of Cobbing on UbuWeb: films, sounds, writings, interviews and critical writing about him [PDF]. As curator Matthew Abess writes, "Cobbing was an assiduous innovator in the sphere of language. Alternately a landscape gardener, farmer, steward's clerk at a hospital, and teacher of Esperanto, Cobbing fluidly traversed dissimilar vocations with the same dexterity apparent in his boundary-dissolving performances with and of the plasticity of the word. When asked about the development of his intermedia praxis, Cobbing remarked, 'I commenced as a painter; later wrote poetry; studied music; began to realize all three were one activity (together with dancing, which is, perhaps, the key to them all)." This UbuWeb resource is presented in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name at the University of Pennsylvania's Van Pelt Library, The Ruth & Marvin Sackner Archive of Visual and Concrete Poetry and the Kelly Writers House at UPenn, where Suddenly Everyone Began Reading Aloud, a tribute to Cobbing took place October 11th featuring the poets Charles Bernstein, chris cheek and Maggie O'Sullivan. You can hear the event here.
Vision #4 - Word of Mouth (1980)
Twelve artists from California, New York and Europe were each invited to prepare a twelve minute talk on any subject. Artists include: Tom Marioni, Robert Kushner, Marina Abramovic/Ulay, John Cage, Daniel Buren, Joan Jonas, Bryan Hunt, Chris Burden, William T. Wiley, Brice Marden, Pat Steir and Laurie Anderson. Originally a double LP.
Selections from FILM CULTURE Magazine (1955-1996)
24 seminal articles from FILM CULTURE, which served as a forum for the New American Cinema, discussing the works of pioneering filmmakers like Maya Deren, Ron Rice and Paul Sharits, and providing important context for largely unseen films through its essays on film history, contemporary art and poetry. Authors and subjects include Hollis Frampton, Luis Buñuel, Stan Brakhage, Tyler Parker, Donald Sutherland, Rudolf Arnheim, Taylor Mead and many others. Selected and edited by Kareem Estefan. Presented in partnership with Anthology Film Archives.
COLAB: All Color News Sampler (1978) & Colab Compilation (1980)
Two rarely seen compilations from the New York-based Collaborative Projects (aka COLAB) formed in 1978. All News Color Sampler is a remarkable collection of clips from the feature news program for cable TV. Hard, gritty, this is the early political and socially oriented work by artists now well-known as sculptors and filmmakers. Potato Wolf, Colab Compilation was an artists' cable TV show produced by Collaborative Projects from approximately 1979-84. Artists include John Ahearn, Tom Otterness, Scott and Beth B, Kiki Smith, Peter Fend and many others.
Mary Ellen Solt: An Appreciation & Flowers in Concrete
Mary Ellen Solt (1920-2007) became known in academic and poetic circles worldwide after the publication in 1968 of her influential book Concrete Poetry-A World View. Included here is an appreciation by critic A.S. Bessa and the full cycle of her influential and beautiful concrete poems Flowers in Concrete (1966).
Salvador Dali - Impressions de la Haute Mongolie - Hommage á Raymond Roussel (1974-1975)
Salvador Dalí's romance with film and the visual arts is a relatively well-known chapter in the life of the original and controversial Spanish (Catalan) artist (1904-1989). However, his explorations of video art with the production of the "documentary" Impressions de la haute Mongolie. Hommage a Raymond Roussel (1974-75) remain an episode of his long and successful creative career only acknowledged by the specialist. The "videografía", narrates the exploration of Dalí to the remote land of Mongolia in search of the Great White Mushroom. Salvador Dalí, a consummate expert in media manipulation, invites the spectator to become his accomplice and partner in what it seems a drug-induced "trip" to a faraway and distant land where wonderful treasures are hidden. By means of advanced technology in film and the visual arts of the time (video, electronics, macro photography), Dalí strives to reveal optically the metamorphoses of matter with the purpose of revealing a new artistic reality.
UbuWeb Radio Listen to a 24-hour continuous stream from UbuWeb's MP3 archives. All avant-garde, all the time. Thanks to the Center for Literary Computing for providing technical support.
The 365 Days Project, Part 2 (2007) UbuWeb is pleased to be co-hosting and archiving the second installment of Otis Fodder's magnificent 365 Days Project. The first project was completed in 2003 and can be accessed here as well. 365 days of cool and strange and often obscure audio selections. Some words to describe the material featured would be... Celebrity, Children, Demonstration, Indigenous, Industrial, Outsider, Song-Poem, Spoken, Ventriloquism, and on and on and on. The best thing to do is to simply listen. UbuWeb's archive will be updated monthly. For day-to-day updates, be sure to visit UbuWeb's partner WFMU's Beware of the Blog.
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About UbuWeb An in-depth sit-down interview with UbuWeb founder Kenneth Goldsmith on Archinect tracing the history, breadth, philosophy and scope of UbuWeb.
Shirley Clarke - Shorts (1953-1982) A survey of short films by American independent filmmaker Shirley Clarke (1919-1997). Films include, "A Dance in the Sun" (1954), a portrait of dancer Daniel Nagrin; "A Moment in Love" (1957); "Bridges Go-Round" (1959) with two alternative soundtracks, one electronic music by Louis and Bebe Barron, the other jazz by Teo Macero; "A Scary Time" (1960) produced by UNICEF with a soundtrack by Peggy Glanville-Hicks; "Savage / Love" and "Tongues" (1981-82), a collaboration with Sam Shepard and Joseph Chaiken.
Alejandra & Aeron A survey of audio and film works from the collaborative team of Alejandra Salinas and Aeron Bergman. Wildflowers is a series of video text-animated portraits showing citizens of Detroit rejecting politics, opting instead to work on changing concepts of "common sense". The sound works range from found Riojan folk sounds to a study of the social, political, formal and aesthetic properties of sound environments in Porto, Portugal and Northern Spain.
Ronald Nameth - Andy Warhol's Exploding Plastic Inevitable with The Velvet Underground (1966)
Hans Arp - Soundworks (1913-1961)
Doron Golan Four Films (2007)
Alvin Lucier - The Only Talking Machine of its Kind in the World (1969)
Tony Oursler - Sucker (1987)
René Viénet - Chinois, encore un effort pour être révolutionnaires a.k.a. "Peking Duck Soup" (1977)
Dan Graham - Rock My Religion (1982-84)
Harun Farocki - Schnittstelle / interface (1995)
Survival Research Laboratories - A Plan for Social Improvement (1988)
René Clair - BBC Documentary
The Kitchen Presents Two Moon July (1986): Laurie Anderson, Philip Glass, Dara Birnbaum, David Byrne and others
Kenny G Meets John Zorn - Kenneth Goldsmith & Jonathan Zorn (2007)
Jonathan Zorn - All Talk (2003-2005)
François Girard - Le Train (1985)
Mona Hatoum - Measures of Distance (1988)
Sara Sackner - Concrete! (2006), A documentary about the Sackner Archive for Visual and Concrete Poetry
Kenneth Goldsmith - Sucking on Words - documentary (2007)
Glenn Gould - Karlheinz Klopweisser Promo for CBC
David Van Tieghem - Ear To Ground (1979)
Maurice Lemaître - Le film est déjà commencé?, (1951)
Peter Campus - Three Transitions (1973)
Survival Research Laboratories - Virtues of Negative Fascination (1985-86)
Stephen Dwoskin - Dirty (1966) - Music by Gavin Bryars
György Ligeti: Portrait, A Documentary by Michel Follin (1993) [French language]
Arthur Lipsett - 21-87 (1963), A Trip Down Memory Lane (1965) & Fluxes (1968)
Ken Jacobs - Blonde Cobra (1963) & Little Stabs at Happiness (1960)
Nobuhiko Obayashi - Experimental Films (1960-68)
Maja Ratkje - Live in Paris, 2005 (video)
William S. Burroughs - French Television Interview (1990)
Hy Hirsch - Come Closer (1952)
Cheryl Donegan - Refuses (2007)
Jean Rouch - Cimetieres dans la falaise (1951) & Les Maitres fous (1955)
Carpi Cioni - Three Short Films (1960-1962)
Alexander Hammid - Bezucelna Prochazka (Aimless Walk, 1930) & Na Prazskem Hrade (At Prague Castle, 1932)
Shuji Terayama & Shuntaro Tanikawa - Video Letters (1982-83)
Sidney Peterson - The Lead Shoes (1949)
Nicole Dextras - Frozen Words (2007)
Lance Wakeling - SIC, NOTES FRMDELOM A KEYLOGGER (2006/2007)
Joseph Nechvatal - viral symphOny (MP3)
Andy Warhol - Warhol's Cinema: A Mirror for the Sixties (1989)
J.G. Ballard - Shanghai Jim (1991)
Taj Mahal Travellers - On Tour 1973 (16mm film)
Robert Kramer - Ice (1969)
Kay Rosen - Sisyphis, 1991 (video); Interview, 2007 (video & MP3)
Peter Weiss - Was machen wir jetzt (1958)
Contemporary Chinese Experimental Music 1997-2007 (MP3)
Alec Finlay: Assorted Visual Poems and Bookworks
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