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Everything Begins in Mystique and Ends in Politique: Poetry Fashion Edition

In today's Elizabeth Alexander news: the inaugural poet's three potential "looks" for Barack Obama's January 20th swearing-in ceremony.
And if that doesn't give you every last bit of information you need about the big event, then here are ten more stories from the past two weeks to put it all in persepctive:

A look at Alexander's "angular ellipticity" in the NYT.
The AP's bio piece, beginning with Alexander in stroller at the "I Have a Dream" speech.
""In that moment, really I am the vessel for the poem": A chat with Alexander on NPR.
"It's bigger than Oprah!": Graywolf, Alexander's publisher, plans instant inaugural book.
The National Review stays classy in their critique of Alexander.
Jay Parini praises Obama's choice in the Guardian.
An in-depth look at Alexander in the Philly Inquirer.
The HuffPo people are down.
"Protesting Mr. Obama's inauguration is much more important than protesting George W. Bush's inauguration ever was": CA Conrad asks Alexander to decline.
George Packer re-considers his initial rebuff.

Originally Published: January 2nd, 2009

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