The woman steps over a crack while holding her morning coffee. The mom wants her boy to use a darker crayon. The drawing will be there if she can see it. The fog is a finger stroke over the river. The people want the doors in front of them to open. The sausage machine appears in the movie. The metaphor is the machine. The man watches his coat while punching out the smaller one. The tunnel is a conductress. The factory column penetrates the horizon and draws a snake of smoke across a clear sky. The unformed mass walk forward fast. The audience stands up. The ice skate breaks and turns a figure eight on its side. The simile of blood is a trail. The man takes a notepad and draws what she would look like without money. The talk turns to football. The woman loses the family. My son could have blocked that kick. The face goes back to a simpler time before the drink. The face goes blank. The opportunity for knowledge is a murmer. The confession indicates a control. The interstitial analogy goes unrewarded. The weight is calculated but never adjusted for. The water lens over inertia translates a lake into a drowning. The let-go-of bond together in support of the negative cloak. The tooth finds the pillow. The headphones disappear in a head disguised as an outburst. The woman looks across a crowded platform. The man locks in on her eyes. The relationship that happens between people who don't know each other is astounding. The buildings that make a city are heroes. The smell of the banana peel and of the egg are in the hand of the passenger. The body of the verb is in its head. The people who arrive applaud. The drive of the internal mechanism could fuel a planet. The taxicabs wait on the other side to make the light. The donut vendors have a mortgage. The sun makes the city a hero. The moon is a drawing with two eyes inside each other. The link between motion and the need for motion gets lost inside the motion. The inter-found bond together as an act of defiance. The way he reads the newspaper hides an enormous clutter at home. The inflatable rodent is a sign of progress. The street has upside down words in reverse for car mirrors to run over. The girl wore butterfly wings to her birthday party. The boy said he is an animal. The man is what he wears.

Originally Published: December 16th, 2009

A self-proclaimed “lingualisualist” rooted in the languages of sight and sound, Edwin Torres was born in the Bronx and is a longtime resident of New York City. He is a poet whose highly acclaimed performances and live shows combine vocal and physical improvisation and theater. He is the author of...

  1. December 17, 2009

    This is a treatment for the Avatar trailer, isn't it?

  2. December 17, 2009

    I'm seeing a yellow, but a dark yellow. Almost a butterscotch.