The other Harriet -- Harriet Beecher Stowe -- says in Uncle Tom's Cabin that "friendships are discovered not made." Joining this blog over the past few months, I discovered (and re-discovered) many new friendships -- like-minded people and especially people who challenged my mind in different ways. As I sign off, I'd like to thank the Poetry Foundation, my fellow bloggers, and really everyone who took the time to read, write, and share their ideas. I know I'll be an active Harriet reader in the future! Every best wish for 2010, John.

Originally Published: January 16th, 2010

John S. O'Connor's poems have appeared in places such as Poetry East and RHINO. He has written two books on teaching: This Time It's Personal: Teaching Academic Writing through Creative Nonfiction (2011) and Wordplaygrounds: Reading, Writing, and Performing Poetry in the English Classroom (2004). He earned his BA and MAT from the University of Chicago and his PhD from...

  1. January 17, 2010
     James Street

    Well Harriet, if you aren't dead yet, friendships are NOT discovered, they are made.\r

    Love is a human creation and we don't 'fall' into it.\r

    Of course, I wont convince you or anyone else who doesn't already know it.\r

    My only hope is that I will create in you all a small, undying current of thought and feeling, which will cause you to discover this truth for yourself.\r

    That is, if you aren't, in fact, dead yet.

  2. January 17, 2010
     Sina Queyras

    Nice to share this space with you, John.