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Harriet as Facebook News Feed

By Emily Warn

With so many poets posting on Harriet in April, it has resembled a Facebook News Feed. There’s been too little time to read all of them and even less time to promote them. So here’s a cheat sheet of Tweets:

Pensive Poet Records Jack Lemmon Impersonators

Be There. SF City Hall, May 1, 11 am. Repeal SB 1070

Ancient Cucumber Poetry

Watch Out for Semantic Debris as You Explore the Vastitudes of Space

Shortcuts in a Gated Community

Crushed Between a Piece of Heavy Equipment and a Block of Coal

Embarrassing Poetics

Poets Proud to Read in Cemeteries

National Conceptual Poetry Month

Preventing Incontinence

The Clock Has Just Ticked

Berryman Bombs Job Interviews at AWP

Queens of the Stone Age

Squid Swimming at the Simulation of the Moon

Classroom Interventions


Conceptual Poet Discovers Truth: Poetry is 50 Years Behind Painting.

Hating Poetry

Getting Laid at the AWP

Indivisible Events Can Be Found Here

Writing Whole Books is Beyond Me

Charbroiled Octopus

I Don’t Carry My Papers Around With Me

The Decline of the Comma

The Ivory Tower of Ivory Towers

My Future Derriere

The Incarcerated Cousin

Evil Evil Languagy

Preoccupy the Occipital Shore

”Language” Poets? What Are the Rest of Us Using in Our Poetry?

(Note: Thanks to Don Share for circulating our posts among his 598 Facebook friends. They became a de facto comment stream. And his daily postings on all things poetry rival Silliman’s in being a rolling archive of contemporary poetry.)

Posted in Uncategorized on Friday, April 30th, 2010 by Emily Warn.