National Poetry Month at Harriet

By Poetry Foundation

We're in the middle of National Poetry Month, and so it's time for a brief recap of Harriet's poetry adventure.

Over the past four years Harriet has been privileged to host a wide range of writers and thinkers on the group blog, from slam poets to sober academics to wandering translators and essayists.  A motley crew at times, but one we like to think has been representative of the national poetry scene.  What better way, then, to celebrate this year’s National Poetry Month than to have all the poets from all over the country (and, as it turns out, the world) who have made Harriet what it is over the years to come back to the space and post again?  There is no better way, so that’s what we’ve done.  We’ve invited all the bloggers back for April, and it’s a party.

Starting April 1, Harriet underwent a transformation—for one, there are now more writers in a shorter amount of time than we’ve ever had, but also, for the month of April, we are hosting these poets without comments.

This is an experiment, one we’re excited to be on as we look for ways to move the online space forward.  In lieu of comments, we've been happy to see the discussion between writers continue to happen in the posts themselves.  As before, the writers are free to post on whatever poetry-related topic they’d like.

So, please to enjoy Harriet's National Poetry Month bloggers Camille Dungy, Barbara Jane Reyes, Brian Turner, Amber Tamblyn, Ange Mlinko, A.E. Stallings, Annie Finch, Daisy Fried, Anselm Berrigan, Kwame Dawes, Mark Nowak, Jeffrey McDaniel, Major Jackson, Lavinia Greenlaw, Edwin Torres, Rigoberto González, Melissa Friedling, Patricia Smith, Rachel Zucker, Gillian Conoley, Alan Gilbert, Rebecca Wolff, Emily Warn, Kenneth Goldsmith, Wanda Coleman, Nick Twemlow, Christian Bok, Javier Huerta, Ada Limon, Linh Dinh, and many more!

-Catherine Halley and Travis Nichols

Originally Published: April 20th, 2010