Poetry News

Poetry at MoMA's Greater New York show

By Harriet Staff


On Sunday, "Outsourced Wall Text and Bibliography" by poet Tan Lin will open at the PS1/MoMA Greater NY show. It's an opportunity for poets and artists to write their own wall text.

The piece invokes directly the writing of poetry within an art institution, gallery opening setting. The text looks like a museum wall piece but there is a blackboard rectangle applied with blackboard spray paint below the text that functions as a camouflaged space for writing . . .

The wall piece constitutes a camouflaged place for writing/authorship to occur. The wall text mirrors textual/writing practices as art practices/artwork, playing with ideas having to do with authorship and school chalkboards in a museum setting, and anonymous creation: directed work (a la corporation/bureaucratic orders, etc.) Art as memorandum or Facebook directive, linked to material that the museum would not be able to catalog or document.

Originally Published: May 21st, 2010